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90% of employers believe that employees will make a decision to stay or go within the first 12 months. 

Every time a business replaces a salaried employee, it costs six to nine months’ salary on average (SHRM Survey). Effective onboarding programs have been shown to reduce employee turnover from 44% to 14% and improve new hire time-to-productivity by approximately 1/3 (Aberdeen Group).

Do your priorities include...

…shortening the time to competency for new employees?

…transforming your onboarding from being event-based and “just in case” to a continuous learning experience that is “just in time”?

…providing relevant resources that are useful not just during, but also before and after the onboarding period?

…helping new hires apply their learning in practice before they start official work assignments?

…validating that your new hires have reached competency prior to assigning them to their job responsibilities?

…encouraging the development of ongoing networks and communities across various new hire cohorts?

Client Success Story: Call Center & Operations Onboarding


Health Insurance Call Center & Operations Onboarding


  • Highly distributed global locations
  • Rigorous, 18-week role-based training
  • 100% in-person training model
  • Large team of skilled facilitators required to travel constantly to operations locations


  • Blended learning model enables new hires to learn at their own pace & connect regularly with facilitator for VILT events. Includes general and role-specific training.


  • ~10,000 new hires onboarded
  • 15%+ reduction in onboarding cycle time for call center new hires. Thousands of hours of productive time added to the business, which equates to several million dollars in annual savings.
  • Increased instructor productivity – reduce teaching time & over-time for admin; increase course prep & development time.
  • Increased training availability – now available world-wide regardless of new hire numbers or geographic location.
  • Accelerated adoption across multiple roles.
  • Client continues to add new role-specific training on the Intrepid platform at a fast clip

Please see our Client Success Stories for more examples of the impact our learning experience platform is having on our clients’ business.

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