An innovative cloud-based learning technology that helps people perform more effectively and offers organizations a way to train at scale at reduced costs.

Develop your people more effectively, quickly, and at lower cost with smart technology that enables real learning. Backed by decades of corporate learning industry expertise, and complemented by a suite of services designed to ensure your success, our learning technology empowers you to deliver streamlined, integrated, and impactful learning experiences that drive performance improvements.


At Intrepid Learning, we believe:

  • The learner experience comes first
  • Learning should be practical and seamlessly connected to “real work”
  • Social and collaborative features must be fully integrated into the learning experience

One Technology, Many Solutions

Designed with the Learner’s Mind in Mind

Our mobile-optimized technology offers a consumer-grade experience for your learners. Gamification boosts engagement and drives motivation, guided real world assignments facilitate applied learning, and shared field report summaries and discussion enhance peer-to-peer learning. Prescriptive learning, ongoing remediation and reinforcement, performance support —  all designed with the modern learner top of mind.

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Intrepid Learning HubTM: for a learner-directed experience which includes prescriptive, just-in-time and applied learning experiences, combined with social and gamification features.


Intrepid Corporate MOOCTM: Hub capabilities extended in a semi-synchronous, cohort-based, peer-to-peer, expert-moderated learning experience that scales massively. (And after the time-bound course is up, your Corporate MOOC can live on as a Learning Hub for future exploration and point-of-need learning.)

With our technology and support services you can design, develop, and implement an impactful and engaging experience that meets your business priorities — and delights your audience.

When is the Learning Hub Your Best Choice?

  • When you want to provide the flexibility of a self-directed experience
  • When your initiative is ongoing
  • When your goal is to encourage continuous learning

Visit our Learning Hub page to learn more.

When is the Corporate MOOC Optimal?

  • When your core priorities include enabling expert-moderated and peer-to-peer learning
  • When you need to scale a learning experience cost-effectively
  • When you have specific deadlines and want to encourage a time-bound learning experience
  • When you want to encourage community building and networking within geographically-dispersed cohorts

Visit our Corporate MOOCs page to learn more.

Success Stories

Technology Company Sales Readiness: MOOC

Situation: A major technology firm needed to transform how they sell, and build the business acumen of their worldwide sales force (15,000-20,000) rapidly. The transition: from selling on-premise solutions to IT decision makers to selling cloud-based solutions to business decision makers. The goal: sellers confident and comfortable enough to talk to a CEO for an hour over dinner about the customer’s business, not just the product’s features.

Strategy: Intrepid operationalized the sales transformation strategy, and vetted and partnered with one of the world’s top business schools to provide a specifically-tailored curriculum with a coveted executive education certificate of completion at the end of the MOOC.

Results: The pilot MOOC, intended to launch with 500 people, was so popular an idea that the course launched with enrollment of just under 1,000. The completion rate is off the charts, with 85% earning their executive education certificate (17 times the average academic MOOC). Engagement levels were astounding for this cohort of busy sellers, with over 31,000 messages exchanged in discussion forums. And in a post-course survey, 95% said the course will improve how they perform their job. Learners are excited about their learning, and the company is rolling out more courses targeting more sellers as fast as possible.

Health Insurance Call Center Onboarding: MOOC

Situation: A major healthcare insurance provider was flying instructors to locations all over the world to train new hires, and was often faced with a common tough choice: incurring travel expenses to train a small number of new hires, or delaying hiring in order to train a larger number at once. And travel time and program length meant that instructors were booked for months in advance, limiting their responsiveness to shifts in critical business needs.

Strategy: Intrepid Learning advised the client on best practice approaches to self-paced and virtual learning, and deployed the program on Intrepid’s platform, which allowed them to organize that mixture of blended learning into a seamless, prescriptive, multi-week experience with intuitive navigation for new hires in multiple roles.

Results: An intuitive learning experience available right away regardless of geographic location or numbers, a massive reduction in travel expenses, and instructors able to be more responsive to business needs and to teach more than one class at a time. In converting materials from all face-to-face to a mixture of self-paced and virtual classroom, the team identified opportunities to reduce total training time by up to 20%. The client is thrilled with the Intrepid Learning technology and its results, as evidenced by their decision to not only have every new hire worldwide start their company experience in a ‘week one’ program (covering introductory topics relevant to all employees) but to also stand up role-specific training programs on the platform at the rate of about one a month.

Social Media Account Executives Onboarding & Reinforcement: Hub

Situation: A social media company’s standard account executive training flew new hires from all over the world to the company headquarters for a two week in-person session — expensive, even when the sales force was small, and the company wasn’t satisfied with the resulting information retention rates down the road. In addition, they had just two internal training resources and ramped-up hiring of a sales force significantly larger than usual. They needed a new onboarding solution, fast.

Strategy: The company implemented a new training program replacing half the old ILT with an Intrepid Learning Hub, enabling self-paced worldwide access to company information, in-depth product and tools training, campaign-specific training — everything they needed to equip their 250 brand new account executives to drive the organization’s goals to completion both at the time of hire and after.

Results: Intrepid implemented this Learning Hub in less than two months, meeting the client’s aggressive deadline for scaled global new hire training — with a resource so useful and engaging that exemplar sales personnel clamored for access too. Over a year later the Learning Hub remains in high demand as an ongoing onboarding and refresher resource for the entire sales force. The average user has completed over 16 pieces of meaningful content, with a total of over 12,700 pieces of content accessed in a year. The Intrepid Learning Hub helped this company meet their challenge not only at speed and at scale, but with a highly engaging program of lasting value.


SUPPORTED BROWSERS Chrome (version 31+) — Safari (version 7+) — Firefox (version 26+) — Internet Explorer (version 9+)
SUPPORTED MOBILE DEVICES iPhone — iPad — Android. The Intrepid Learning Hub is built using current web development methodology to display beautifully on mobile devices.