Create a learning experience that delivers relevant, bite-size content and builds skills through guided practice on a beautiful and intuitive platform.

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At Intrepid Learning, we believe:

  • The learner experience comes first
  • Learning should be practical and seamlessly connected to “real work”
  • Social and collaborative features must be fully integrated into the learning experience

Intrepid’s learning experience platform: an innovative cloud-based  technology that empowers individual learners and offers organizations an effective and efficient way to train at scale.

Backed by our team’s deep corporate learning industry expertise, and complemented by a suite of services designed to ensure your success, our learning technology empowers you to deliver streamlined, integrated, and impactful learning experiences that drive performance improvements. Legacy learning systems don’t move at the pace employees do. The  Intrepid Learning platform is built to deliver streamlined instruction using short-form content, applied practice, and familiar social features learners can access in the rhythm of their daily workflow. Why? Because engaging learning experiences empower individuals to drive organizational success.


Designed with the Learner’s Mind in Mind

Our mobile-optimized technology offers a consumer-grade experience for your learners.

Gamification boosts engagement and drives motivation, guided real world assignments facilitate applied learning, and shared field report summaries and discussion enhance peer-to-peer learning. Prescriptive learning, ongoing remediation and reinforcement, performance support —  all designed with the modern learner top of mind.

With our technology and support services you can design, develop, and implement an impactful and engaging experience that meets your business priorities — and delights your audience.


Intrepid Learning's mobile-first technology

Impactful for a Variety of Learning Goals

Continuous Learning Journeys

Prepare for and Extend In-Person Workshops

Self-Directed Learning Experiences

Collaborative Corporate MOOCs

Client Testimonial

“I knew from the moment I saw a demo of the Intrepid platform that this approach to learning is exactly what I was looking for and that it supported my vision for engaging, collaborative learning for our high-priority leadership development initiative. Intrepid’s online platform surpassed my expectations and provided: robust engagement, easy administration, and most of all real business impact. The cascade to all our employees worldwide on Intrepid’s platform continues to show real value for our investment, and our learners’ investment of their time.”

— Vice President, Learning & Performance, consumer goods manufacturing company

Our Most Popular Features

Applied Learning Via Missions

Complete the learning cycle by giving your learners the opportunity to practice new skills and apply new knowledge, reflect, and share their findings. Missions: real-world challenges that provide the opportunity to practice new skills through relevant, experiential assignments that bring key concepts and skills home. Field Reports: a summary of the Mission that is uploaded and shared with peers for further social learning and harnessing of institutional wisdom.

Prescriptive Learning Through Learning Paths

Guide your learners down a prescriptive learning path that delivers the right knowledge in short, single topics.

  • Bite-sized content is designed to be consumed in fifteen minutes or less.
  • Popular content formats like video, documents, audio, e-learning, discussions, and knowledge checks to give you the flexibility you need.
  • Threaded discussions at the content level — no need to log into another engagement system.
  • Optional pre-requisites can be set in order to guide learners, or left off for more exploratory learning.

Just-in-Time Content Library

Organize your content any way you’d like — you’re in complete control. Our tagging system is thorough, so your learners can find the resources they need without hassle.

  • Tagging lets you categorize your content the way that suits your organization best.
  • Quick search lets your learners find content from anywhere on the platform.
  • My History page shows a learner all their activity in one place for quick reference and refreshers.


Gamification & Badging

Motivate your learners through light gamification, with features which can be adjusted to suit your company culture. Hit the friendly competition sweet spot, or just ensure learners feel a sense of accomplishment as they progress.

  • Leaderboard shows your learners how they’re doing against course goals, or their peers.
  • Badging reinforces the accomplishment of completing content, and can be used to demonstrate capability.
  • Points can be assigned via various schema, to reflect criticality of content, or confirm competence with a passing grade minimums.


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Client Success Stories

Microsoft’s highly impactful “mini cloud MBA” Corporate MOOC program for their global salesforce

Whitepaper from the eLearning Guild on Microsoft’s Intrepid Corporate MOOC “Mini Cloud MBA” sales enablement program

An update on the Microsoft/INSEAD program’s business impact and award wins

“Making Good on the Corporate MOOC Promise” webinar with Microsoft’s Ludo Fourrage, INSEAD’s Prof. Peter Zemsky, and Intrepid’s Sanjay Advani

Health Insurance Call Center & Operations Onboarding


  • Highly distributed global locations
  • Rigorous, 18-week role-based training
  • 100% in-person training model
  • Large team of skilled facilitators required to travel constantly to operations locations


  • Blended learning model enables new hires to learn at their own pace & connect regularly with facilitator for VILT events. Includes general and role-specific training.


  • ~10,000 new hires onboarded
  • 15%+ reduction in onboarding cycle time for call center new hires. Thousands of hours of productive time added to the business.
  • Increased instructor productivity – reduce teaching time & over-time for admin; increase course prep & development time.
  • Increased training availability – now available world-wide regardless of new hire numbers or geographic location.
  • Accelerated adoption across multiple roles.

Management Consulting Senior Partner Development


  • Firm sought to broaden partner awareness and knowledge related to top strategic themes impacting their global clients
  • Partners traditionally met every other year for development
  • Most sophisticated, time-starved, senior-level executives in firm


  • Developed 10 MOOC-like courses on strategic themes as pre-work leading up to 2 in-person global events
  • 1600 learners; ~ 5 hours/course


  • 600 client conversations
  • 1100 partners took 2+ courses
  • Vast majority of senior partners rated online learning “very effective preparation” for live learning events
  • Based on results, program being rolled out to broader audience

Aerospace Manufacturing Software Rollout


  • Enterprise PLM software rollout and change management strategy to drive efficiency and throughput across the organization.
  • Training required for 70+ roles
  • Initial approach was an 18 month software rollout/migration and change management plan that included 50+ ILT events tailored for the unique roles – at massive time, expense and opportunity cost.


  • Blended learning online + classroom approach of 46 courses delivered to 5,200+ learners in 3 countries and in 2 languages. “Tell Me, Show Me, Let Me, Help Me” format guides self-paced training with same training site used for ongoing performance support. Applied PLM practice through real-world assignments.


  • Full program is currently in phased rollout, with positive participant and leadership reaction. VP of Customer Service: “This is the best training and only approach we should use ongoing.”

Continuous Learning Journey for Leadership Development


  • 2 year program to accelerate leadership development of entry-level talent capable of meeting challenges of global supply chain operations. Longitudinal program includes 3 eight-month rotations.
  • Global program needed an integrated learning experience that supports the three rotations.


  • Developed 3-month MOOC that enables collaboration and real-world application for new cohort. New MOOC being developed for 2nd rotation and a ‘refresh’ of first MOOC for winter new hires.


  • 85% of participants earned 80% of possible points
  • 35% of participants completed all content and earned extra credit
  • 43,300 unique content views

These are just a few of the client stories and solutions we have to share. Schedule a demo and a discussion of your organization’s particular learning needs today.

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