Come on down and see us! January/February events

Come on down and see us! January/February events

We would love to see you in person to kick off 2018! Come by our booths and presentations at the following events to hear all about the new Intrepid by VitalSource, and a few of the topics nearest and dearest to our hearts.


January 24-27

We’ll be in booth #506 and presenting as well:

Impossible No More: Effective Soft Skills Training…Totally Online
Sam Herring,
CEO, Intrepid Learning
Emily Hoffman, VP Product and Development, VitalSmarts

Thursday, 1/25 11:30a

There’s a critical need for global corporations to bridge the “skills gap” — 73% of surveyed business leaders in PricewaterhouseCoopers’ 2015 Global CEO Survey say that skill gap is a top threat to their organizations. Among the most critical are “soft skills” — interpersonal communication, fostering open dialogue, resolving disagreements, fostering teamwork, etc. — a realm of learning traditionally thought to be the exclusive domain of in-person workshops.

But it’s 2017, and both the technology and mindset shifts necessary to create effective online soft skills learning experiences have arrived.  By leveraging modern digital learning features such as video, user-generated content, discussion forums, tapping the ‘wisdom of the crowds,’ gamification, and more, progressive organizations are moving their toughest “soft skills” challenges to online learning. Today, global corporations are improving their learners’ skills to achieve targeted business outcomes, and impressive bottom-line results.  In this session, Emily Hoffman and Sam Herring will share powerful insights and best practices from the award-winning collaboration between VitalSmarts and Intrepid Learning.

In this session, you’ll learn:
– Actionable insights to help you navigate both technology and mindset shifts in online learning
– Why shifting from the classroom to online can not only be effective, but more effective for soft-skill transference
– How to leverage online learning technology to build effective communication skills, and other soft skills
– Essential next steps for making online soft-skill learning possible at your organization


Next up is Brandon Hall Group’s Excellence Conference, where you can visit our booth on the Veranda and enter a raffle to win Beats by Dre headphones, mingle with some of our learning leaders at the Awards ceremony, and also hear a presentation on:

Making Sure Your Onboarding Isn’t Off-Putting
with Nicole Bunselmeyer, Senior Business Development Executive, Intrepid by VitalSource
Thursday 2/1, 10:30-11:00am in Muirfield A+B

Most onboarding is just content without context, and the modern worker makes an emotional decision about whether or not this new company is a place they’ll stay within just the first few weeks of employment—that’s a pretty bad combo! But there’s an easy way to uplevel your average onboarding process to good, and then fill in the gaps to make it great. Join Nicole Bunselmeyer from the Brandon Hall Excellence Award-winning Intrepid by VitalSource to learn about the importance of curation and context in structuring onboarding journeys that start your new hires off right: by making sure they want to stay for that journey. She’ll cover how to discover what your current onboarding is missing, and share some successful models for onboarding structures with context that help employees be successful in their new organization.

If that topic is intriguing but you won’t be at Brandon Hall Excellence, never fear! We’re presenting a more full-length presentation on the same topic at Training Magazine’s 2018 Conference and Expo in Atlanta February 12-14. Swing by Booth #806 to say hi!

Please reach out to if you’d like to connect with our people at any of these events about your training and content delivery needs. We’d love to hear about your learning and content delivery challenges and how we can help.

About Intrepid Learn and Intrepid Discover

Intrepid Learn: Can your learners engage with each other while applying concepts to real-world work products? Do you need to scale your learning programs without losing high engagement and learner satisfaction? Intrepid Learn offers a nimble and elegant learning experience that scales massively without losing engagement, and can be a repeatable model for high-stakes, high-engagement, high-impact learning.

Intrepid Discover: Are you looking to securely deliver your proprietary content? Do you have a clearna and concise path for your learners to take in order to reach their efficacy goals? Intrepid Discover is a global leader in building, enhancing, and delivering secure and mobile digital content anytime, anywhere, on any device.


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