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The C-suite WILL go for online learning, and you CAN cascade initiatives from the top to the entire company...with modern learning experiences that are truly modern and actually engaging.

“I knew from the moment I saw a demo of the Intrepid platform that this approach to learning is exactly what I was looking for and that it supported my vision for engaging, collaborative learning for our high-priority leadership development initiative. Intrepid’s online platform surpassed my expectations and provided: robust engagement, easy administration, and most of all real business impact. The cascade to all our employees worldwide on Intrepid’s platform continues to show real value for our investment, and our learners’ investment of their time.”

— Vice President, Learning & Performance, consumer goods manufacturing company

Leadership development is ubiquitous and critical. U.S. companies alone spend $14 billion a year on leadership training (source) and change is constant. But even with such substantial investment, in a recent survey 62% of business leaders said they have leadership gaps, and only 17% felt confident that they have the leadership talent to deliver on strategic priorities (source).

So what’s the problem? You know the answer, it’s the “then what.”

Most workshop participants go back to their overcrowded workdays after an exhilarating and motivating in-person experience and lose the motivation, the focus, the resources, and even the knowledge to change their day to day behavior on the job.

And frequently the only people getting the high-touch in-person exhilarating workshops in the first place are a very small group. And you can’t really change an organization’s culture if only some leaders are getting the message, and fewer still are empowered to enact it.

The Intrepid Difference

Why? Because the learning experience on Intrepid’s platform is consumer-grade. You’re not asking your leadership to step away from their apps and programs back into 2005’s Powerpoint e-learning and call it a meaningful use of time. If the learner—or in this case the leader—doesn’t learn, then business doesn’t move forward.

Which is why we’ve put the learner’s experience front and center, ensuring that your people don’t experience a time warp stepping back into outdated conventions and capabilities. Our mindset is different.

The social discussion forums lead to meaningful interactions. And company context, or “ruthless relevance” as we like to call it, is built in to the very design of the Intrepid Learning platform.

“We have been so happy with the design and performance of the Intrepid platform. The discussion forums have been the most powerful aspect, and I love the simplicity and openness of the format—our high-potential leaders are able to have great conversations amongst themselves easily. When I last looked at the current cohort there were over 100 separate discussion threads going! And the whole platform looks great visually. It’s so simple to use but so powerful for our learners, offering them a dynamic experience that really increases the impact of our program.”

— Global Program Manager, multinational conglomerate



Case Study: C-Suite Learners Loving Learning Online

Our platform has been proven to grab the attention of C-level executives—to the extent that at an elite global consulting firm partners and senior executives voted overwhelmingly in a post-course survey to have more online learning rather than an additional in-person day at a worldwide networking event. Read the snapshot.

Case Study: Change Management Cascade to the Entire Company

We have seen enormous impact with cascading the leadership messages received by the top eschelon throughout the company. Newell Rubbermaid’s leadership development cascade on the Intrepid platform won 2 CLO Golds and several Brandon Hall awards.

It’s easy using Intrepid’s format and administrative features to take aspects of top-level leadership development and add context. For example, surrounding an exec-ed program document with company-specific content or a discussion forum asking, for instance, “How does this relate to our company?”-type questions that lead to front-line learners reporting at the end of the course: “I have already gained insight into the drivers of the business and I am looking forward to the next module. I can see where this learning will help my decision-making process in the future.”

Read the case study.

Case Study: Continuous Learning Journeys for High-Potential Leaders



A global manufacturing conglomerate created an exciting continuous learning journey on the Intrepid platform to boost the power of its high-potential leadership development program. The new approach has added momentum, engagement, and powerful ongoing peer-to-peer interaction throughout the 2-year cycle in between in-person events. This program to develop high-potential entry-level talent is critical, given the complex supply chain operations of this large conglomerate (consumer and industrial), and halfway through the first rotation, the online portions have been deemed wildly successful and “invaluable to our company’s future.”

Read the case study.

How does Intrepid’s technology make this all possible? An elegant, engaging experience users feel comfortable with and excited about using. And a platform that administrators can easily use to make their wildest dreams of learning impact come true.

See for yourself!

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