Leadership & Management

Leadership Development Shouldn’t Happen Just Once a Year

Ongoing relevant self-directed or peer-based learning activities for leaders and managers across all levels of your organization.

Effectively address the gamut of development — management and leadership fundamentals for first time managers, change management for leaders, business transformation strategy skills for senior executives — all through engaging learning experiences. Encourage the absorption and practice of key techniques and concepts in a safe environment through a variety of field assignments — action-oriented applied learning.

Do your organization's priorities include...

…effectively motivating and engaging busy leaders to spend time on their own professional development?

…providing easily discoverable leadership development tools, templates and resources at the point-of-need?

…ensuring that geographically dispersed managers are educated about core values and the company culture without travel?

…building leadership networks and communities across various cohorts?

…providing a dynamic and collaborative learning experience on critical topics like managing peers, employee engagement, coaching culture, or employee discipline?

Leadership Development Success on the Intrepid Platform

Client Testimonial

“I knew from the moment I saw a demo of the Intrepid platform that this approach to learning is exactly what I was looking for and that it supported my vision for engaging, collaborative learning for our high-priority leadership development initiative. Intrepid’s online platform surpassed my expectations and provided: robust engagement, easy administration, and most of all real business impact. The cascade to all our employees worldwide on Intrepid’s platform continues to show real value for our investment, and our learners’ investment of their time.”

— Vice President, Learning & Performance, consumer goods manufacturing company

Client Testimonial

“We have been so happy with the design and performance of the Intrepid platform. The discussion forums have been the most powerful aspect, and I love the simplicity and openness of the format—our high-potential leaders are able to have great conversations amongst themselves easily. When I last looked at the current cohort there were over 100 separate discussion threads going! And the whole platform looks great visually. It’s so simple to use but so powerful for our learners, offering them a dynamic experience that really increases the impact of our program.”

— Global Program Manager, multinational conglomerate

See our Case Studies page for 3 leadership development case studies:

  • Cascade of strategic growth plan to all leaders at consumer goods manufacturing firm (winner of 2 CLO Gold Awards (Blended Learning and Technology Innovation) and a Silver Brandon Hall Excellence in Learning Award (Best Program Supporting a Change Management Initiative)
  • Multinational conglomerate’s high-potential leadership journey program
  • Professional services firm’s online pre-work for senior partners in preparation for global in-person event

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