Join Intrepid by VitalSource in pioneering an exciting new future for learning technology! We are hiring.

Intrepid by VitalSource is a pure-play SaaS learning technology pioneer whose team has deep roots in the learning industry. We have 2 very exciting products that are defining a new paradigm for corporate learning.

At Intrepid you are empowered to make things happen, to work on and solve real problems, and to have real impact. Impact on our clients, on the product, on your own growth and, most excitingly, on the entire learning industry.

Intrepid has seen 750% growth since 2015, and we have big plans for the future.

You betcha: full healthcare (including dental and vision), 401K, commuter benefits, and generous PTO.

Our headquarters is in the historic, vibrant, and conveniently-located Pioneer Square in Seattle, Washington.


We believe in learning, and we’re a pretty flat organization when it comes to management structure. You will work with & learn from the best in the industry, across teams and disciplines, and grow your skills and yourself on a daily basis.

Layer 3WFH
We have a flexible and mature approach to working from home or working from the office, and about 1/3 of our team members are remote.

Layer 5 AGILE
Our development and engineering teams use an agile development model, with sprints and scrums. We use open source technologies and take a ‘best tool for the job’ approach to software development. Our learning experience design team favors rapid prototyping and an agile service model. Everyone else moves pretty darn nimbly too.

The Words We Live By


Why Work at Intrepid?

“Bringing your own unique ideas, that has such value. I love working with people who have a real mindset of trying to make each other’s work better to solve UX problems and achieve user goals. All the while, it’s also a matter of finding that balance, the sweet spot between business priorities and development priorities.”
Ingrid UX Designer

“We’re a smaller team, but we have process put in place. We don’t work each other into the ground. We’ve all got a lot on our plates, but that respect for us as people is there too. I think that’s why we have a high retention rate compared to most software companies.”
Gabe Technology Services Manager

“Something I think applicants should know is that we don’t care that much about what you know, what we really care about is if you can figure things out along the way, are you able to navigate challenges.”
– Jon Software Engineer

“The job is always interesting because we’re working out real problems with clients. Intrepid is full of smart people who care about learning, and our clients are the same – they’re smart people who care about learning. We look at our client relationships as partnerships, and there’s a real satisfaction in both those relationships and in the outcomes, in the solutions we come up with for their challenges.”
Elizabeth Client Success Executive

“I know I can rely on my coworkers, as we all care about the work we do. When it gets hairy and/or busy, I know all the people around me are getting their work done while staying fun to be around.”
Patton Application Specialist

“Nobody else is doing the work we do. Ours is truly the most progressive, the most exciting, the best approach to learning on the planet. And it really works. There’s nothing like working on a product that clients don’t just use, but love.”
Sanjay VP, Marketing & Alliances

“Intrepid does the remote employee thing well. There’s infrastructure in place to keep me looped in.  I feel completely part of the team, even though I didn’t meet some of my best friends at work for several months.”
– Judy Principal Consultant, Learning Experience Design

“We work really hard at Intrepid Learning because we really care about shaping the future of learning to be fundamentally better for people and the organizations they are a part of. We understand that we have a special opportunity to work with some of the world’s best companies to realize our vision, and we won’t succeed without focus and hard work. But we can’t do our best work if we’re fried, or if we are stretched too thin to be there for our families and friends. That’s why we have an unlimited PTO policy, and we are comfortable with flexible work schedules. We work hard, but we all take time off to recharge. In fact, we expect everyone to take time off regularly, and we are a better company for it.”

“What keeps me going is the great folks I get to work with. I especially enjoy our team technical conversations. It’s awesome to come away from a discussion and realize the entire team contributed to an approach that is better than any one person could come up with.“
Justin CTO

“My favorite part of our all-staff meetings is listening to all the co-worker appreciations and recognitions. Our all-staffs usually run long because of all the praise and thanks for team members who have gone out of their way during the week to make our product or our company better.”
– Jo CFO

“Everyone’s opinion is valued, no matter your title or how long you’ve been here. And everyone is cool with both giving and asking for feedback. People really know their stuff, but they also have a willingness to learn and I think there’s a sense of humility in it that I really like.”
Nishali Learning Experience Design Assistant

“I like what I’m doing at Intrepid. I enjoy the tasks and challenges on a day to day basis, and we have a great team. We’re not buttoned down or uptight. It’s a place where you can be yourself and have fun with what you’re doing, even when navigating big challenges.”
– Ian Web Applications Developer

“You do have to be flexible and ready to be driving a lot of things forward at once, but the upside of that is that you get the chance to have real input, real impact, real ownership of your work and where you want it to go. And there are opportunities to learn and improve everywhere.”
Catie Marketing Manager

“There are parts of our job that are such nerdy fun. I love those unexpected moments after figuring out a new way to solve a problem, when a learner connects with something you created or a client says ‘Cool! I can’t wait to try that.’”
– Manjit Director, Learning Experience Design

Open Positions

Senior Front End Engineer — Seattle, WA

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Senior Front End Engineer — La Vergne, TN

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Senior QA Engineer, Automation — Seattle, WA

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Senior QA Engineer, Automation — La Vergne, TN

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Customer Success Specialist — Raleigh, NC

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