Intrepid Discover's Most Popular Features & Capabilities

With Intrepid Discover, your organization can curate, manage, and securely deploy digital content for your users at their point of need—anytime, anywhere.

What you can do:

  • Create learning materials that meet the needs of today's consumer
  • Secure content distribution with Digital Rights Management
  • Access digital content both online and offline
  • Reduce complexity and speed up response time
  • Define learning paths with gated content (or not)
  • Drag and drop existing digital content for a quick start
  • Measure and improve content through engagement analytics (page views, session lengths, pages printed, and engagement trends such as highlights, bookmarks, and notes)
  • Scale to any number of learners

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What you can do

The three components of Intrepid Discover

Discover Studio:

Create rich, interactive digital content or spice up what you already have.

  • Enhanced content available on any device, including responsive outputs in standards like EPUB3
  • Make your learning materials interactive with multimedia features and assessments
  • Simple development and efficient content distribution
  • Easy-to-use editing screens—no programming knowledge required
  • Customization support specific to your content, design, and instructional needs
Discover Studio

Discover Bridge:

Manage your digital content and assemble collections that reach intended destinations seamlessly, and securely connect the right content with the right audience.

  • Granular access rights: Ensure that only the intended audience is viewing your learning materials
  • Content can be organized by users or assets
  • Gated learning path experience options
  • Update and distribute new versions of content automatically on all devices
  • Scalable, no matter your business size or business model
Discover Bridge

Discover Lens:

Engage learners in the ways they expect with anytime, anywhere access to digital content.

  • Interactive study tools help learners stay engaged
  • Gated content paths if needed
  • Online and offline access to learning materials 
  • Assessments and intuitive engagement tools such as easy search function and bookmarks
  • Accessibility through text-to-speech
Discover Lens
Supported Content Types

Supported content types:

PDF, Video, SCORM, Office file formats

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