ASAE Annual Meeting & Exposition

August 18-21 in Chicago, IL

Intrepid GM Sam Herring will be attending and would love to connect, as would David Woods and Corri McQuaid.

Southwest Learning Summit

August 23 in Plano, TX

Intrepid is a Gold Sponsor for the event, and our team looks forward to meeting you there!


September 3–6 in London UK

Sanjay Advani will be attending and would love to connect.


Session details:

Digital transformation today is different than traditional change management initiatives. It requires a shift in mindset, and hence L&D’s role is pivotal. Come and hear about real-world examples where L&D organizations have transformed themselves while leading strategic digital transformation across their organizations. Chengyi Lin and Sanjay Advani will share how they were able to help innovative L&D organizations incorporate world-class content and expertise from INSEAD to launch custom digital programs at scale on the Intrepid Learn platform. Join them in ideating about the processes, technologies and ecosystems that can help you get started with significant digital transformation – both within your department as well as across your organization.

HR Tech Conference

September 11-14 in Las Vegas, NV

Sam Herring will be attending HR Tech and would love to connect.

ATD Philadelphia Regional Conference for Professional Development

September 13 in Philadelphia, PA

Intrepid's Scott Seltzer will be attending and would love to connect.

ATD Houston 2018 Talent Development Conference & Expo

September 20 in Houston, TX

Intrepid's Kelli Hale will be attending and would love to connect.

Workplace of the Future

September 27 in Dallas, TX

Intrepid's Nicole Bunselmeyer will be attending and would love to connect around learning transformations in healthcare.


October 16-17 in New York, NY

Intrepid's GM Sam Herring will be attending and would love to connect.

Driving Innovation in Talent Development Across Industries—Financial Services, Healthcare, and Manufacturing

October 18–19 in New Haven, CT

Nicole Bunselmeyer will be leading the Intrepid team attending TDI and would love to connect. In addition, we are proud to be the sponsor of the event!

Learning 2018

November 4–7 in Orlando, FL

Intrepid is proud to be a sponsor of Masie Learning and to be presenting with Deloitte Leadership!


Sam Herring (GM, Intrepid)

Noah Rabinowitz (Managing Director, Human Capital, Deloitte Leadership)

Leadership development’s future is experiential. It needs to be focused on the transformational needs of an organization, put learners at the center, and be across a broader ecosystem of players. Learning in the flow of the work is what the modern learner wants. We can construct new learning and development experiences that are more relevant, tied to actual work, real time and high impact. It’s the age of the learner - exciting times!



  • how to create a business-first approach to leadership development that is all about context and closely connecting development efforts to the particulars of your organization’s business strategy (being part of and inside the strategy)
  • how to use the actual business as the case study and lab, tapping into the expertise your people already have to build the business while you further build their skills and the overall leadership bench, with the two intertwined rather than happening on parallel tracks.
  • how to add business context meaningful measurementtied directly to the concepts being taught in the program and to business outcomes as a result of applying that learning





ABD Annual Conference

November 5-6 in London UK

Intrepid's Sanjay Advani will be there and would love to connect about executive education digital programs (or programmes, since it's in the UK).

ATD LearnNow: New Employee Onboarding

November 5-6 in Atlanta, GA

Intrepid's Scott Seltzer will be attending and would love to connect.

ATD Sell

November 6-9 in Austin, TX

Intrepid's Kelli Hale will be attending and would love to connect.

ATD TechKnowledge 2019

Feb 6-8 in West Palm Beach, FL

Session: Build Your Digital Learning Blueprint

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We’d love to see you in person! Be sure to check out our blog for more information as event dates approach. Intrepid regularly presents at major industry events such as ATD, TechKnowledge, TICE, eLearning Guild events, and others.