Build Your Digital Learning Blueprint

Starting June 4th, 2018

Imagine that you were able to foresee a train wreck happening in the future and could step in to stop it from happening. You'd be a hero!

There’s a train wreck on the horizon in most organizations today. In fact, according to Willis Towers Watson, 90 percent of maturing companies expect digital disruption, but only 44 percent are adequately preparing for it—and finding the right people to get the work done remains a challenge for most. Can you see the train barreling down the tracks? What can you do to avert it from happening and be the hero to your organization?

In this mini-MOOC hosted by Intrepid by VitalSource, you will learn how to help your organization nimbly prepare for the challenges of business disruption through next-generation digital learning. This course will help you create a blueprint for next-gen learning specifically aimed at the most critical business challenge on your plate.

Designed for enterprise learning leaders, this 3-week online experience will help you:

  • Transform from old learning approaches with limited outcomes to new learning solutions that scale massively, engage deeply, and deliver outsized business results
  • Create a specific action plan for a particularly significant business challenge

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Chief Learning Officer Exchange

May 16–18 in Atlanta, GA

Intrepid will have a team in attendance and would love to connect.

Customer Contact Week

June 18–22 in Las Vegas, NV

Intrepid will have a booth and would love to connect.

Training Industry Conference & Expo

June 26–28 in Raleigh, NC

Presenter: Manjit Sekhon

Learners have rights and they’re demanding learning experiences that acknowledge those rights head-on. In this session, the author of the Declaration of Modern Learner Rights will discuss the modern learner in detail, and how meeting their needs—responding to their rights for great online learning—can help not just create happy learners, but also seriously move the needle for the business. Manjit Sekhon will share real-world examples of how meeting each right can help L&D reach its larger business goals. The Declaration of Modern Learner Rights includes:

  • All adult learners are endowed with reason
  • Ruthless relevance is a justified demand
  • Weaving learning into the daily workflow
  • Expectations shall be clearly communicated
  • A learner’s contributions shall be acknowledged
  • All learners should be allowed freedom of opinion and expression as it directly relates to professional matters
  • No learner shall be compelled to do work that does not further the learning objective
  • Learning does not happen if brains are overloaded
  • Instructional designers must always ask “Why?”
  • Every learner has the right to a dynamic and balanced learning experience
  • No one involved in designing tech-enabled corporate learning shall forget that people are at the heart of it

Southwest Learning Summit

August 23 in Plano, TX

Intrepid is a Gold Sponsor for the event, and our team looks forward to meeting you there!


September 3–6 in London, UK

Learning 2018

November 4–7 in Orlando, FL

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