Webinar: Transform Your Sales & Marketing Enablement at the Speed of Business: Lessons from Microsoft’s Leading-Edge “Corporate MOOCs”
Tuesday, October 10th | 12pm Pacific

The challenge facing most organizations: transforming at scale and at speed. The answer for Microsoft was leading-edge “Corporate MOOCs” which they have continually innovated in their quest to transform to a mobile-first cloud-first company at 21st century speed.

In this webinar we’ll discuss how Microsoft tweaked the basic educational MOOC idea into a highly contextualized collaborative learning experience at scale that has led to phenomenal sales and marketing/customer channel results, and share real-world takeaways for anyone looking to transform their own organizations.

This webinar will cover:
– How Microsoft’s thinking about sales and marketing readiness training has evolved over the last 4 years and what the future holds
– The difference between an educational MOOC or SPOC and a ‘Corporate MOOC’ and when to choose it
– How to effectively leverage a Corporate MOOC for topics ranging from business acumen to industry verticals to soft skills leadership training
– Microsoft’s challenges, successes, and lessons learned along the way


Masie Learning 2017
October 22-25
| Orlando, Florida

Soft Skills Training Online: Even More Effective Than You Can Imagine
Judy Albers (Intrepid Learning, director, learning experience design)
Ashley Dittmar (VitalSmarts, CrucialConversations Master Trainer)
David Bruesehoff (EY, Director, talent)

Most people think you can only certify people to be classroom instructors by offering classroom certification. But this model can be really problematic. It takes time and spacing for people to feel ready to teach. And typically, your participants are so geographically dispersed that you have significant travel expense, logistical headaches, and long wait times until a group of participants can gather.

Both EY and Vital Smarts had this challenge. EY to teach general facilitation skills to SMEs, and Vital Smarts to certify trainers to teach Crucial Conversations.

Both solved their problems, created online experiences people love, and delivered incredible results. EY has already saved 500K in 6 months. Vital Smarts is accelerating revenue, and trainers in the online version, and Vital Smarts’ trainer certification won Gold for Social Learning in the 2016 Training Mag Learning Design Challenge.



ATD TechKnowledge 2018
January 24-26, San Jose CA


Impossible No More: Effective Soft Skills Training…Totally Online
Sam Herring,
CEO, Intrepid Learning
Emily Hoffman, VP Product and Development, VitalSmarts

There’s a critical need for global corporations to bridge the “skills gap” — 73% of surveyed business leaders in PricewaterhouseCoopers’ 2015 Global CEO Survey say that skill gap is a top threat to their organizations. Among the most critical are “soft skills” — interpersonal communication, fostering open dialogue, resolving disagreements, fostering teamwork, etc. — a realm of learning traditionally thought to be the exclusive domain of in-person workshops.

But it’s 2017, and both the technology and mindset shifts necessary to create effective online soft skills learning experiences have arrived.  By leveraging modern digital learning features such as video, user-generated content, discussion forums, tapping the ‘wisdom of the crowds,’ gamification, and more, progressive organizations are moving their toughest “soft skills” challenges to online learning. Today, global corporations are improving their learners’ skills to achieve targeted business outcomes, and impressive bottom-line results.  In this session, Emily Hoffman and Sam Herring will share powerful insights and best practices from the award-winning collaboration between VitalSmarts and Intrepid Learning.

In this session, you’ll learn:
– Actionable insights to help you navigate both technology and mindset shifts in online learning
– Why shifting from the classroom to online can not only be effective, but more effective for soft-skill transference
– How to leverage online learning technology to build effective communication skills, and other soft skills
– Essential next steps for making online soft-skill learning possible at your organization



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