Webinar: The Sales and Service Training Shift: Technology’s Impact on Effective Learning Methods

Wednesday, February 15th
12pm Pacific / 3pm Eastern

Intrepid CEO Sam Herring will join Byron Matthews, President and CEO of Miller Heiman Group, for a lively and informative discussion on the impact and implications of modern learning and technology for sales & service teams:

  • The modern learner, and why you need to care about what they want
  • Best practices for effective and engaging learning programs for sales and service people who can’t afford wasted time away from the job
  • How to align your business goals, your audience, and your modern learning programs
  • How changing your organization’s mindset around modern learning makes for better business results

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Learning Solutions Conference & Expo

March 22-24, 2017 | Orlando, FL

Turning New Hire Training from “a Bunch of Paperwork” into a Motivational Game

Denise Wilson (CPLP, Vice President, Capital City Bank)
Judy Albers (Director, Learning Strategist, Intrepid Learning)

In retail banking, like many regulated industries, the entry-level customer service employees have complicated jobs combining relationship skills, compliance with complicated regulations, and adherence to frequently changing policies and procedures—all skills conventional wisdom still says are difficult if not impossible to solve effectively with online learning technology, particularly if the learning is self-directed.

Learn how Capital City Bank turned a once burdensome onboarding program into one that engages and motivates new tellers. They tackled the onboarding challenge with a self-directed online learning experience that meets all five ‘moments of learning need’, offers intuitive performance support, provides career path opportunities for all tellers, and reinforces corporate culture.

As one teller said, “Starting a new job is usually a bunch of paperwork. This is a game, I want to see how I do!” Plus, they designed the site to work as a performance support tool for experienced tellers, AND got them to actually use it.

TICE 2017 logo

Training Industry Conference & Expo

April 11-13, 2017 | Raleigh, North Carolina

Sanjay Advani (VP, Marketing & Alliances, Intrepid Learning)
“Leadership as a Journey: Tech-Enabled Leadership Development”

Sanjay Advani (VP, Marketing & Alliances), will be leading a session on tech-enabled leadership development, exploring modern learning options for flipped classroom, blended learning, and time-bound collaborative cohort-driven programs (aka corporate MOOC or SPOC). He will discuss real-world client examples of a two-year high-potential leadership development program, as well as a company-wide leadership development cascade, and options in between. Topics will include:

  • the essential components of a continuous learning journey
  • how to combine live events and online learning effectively
  • the importance and impact of a learning journey vs dip-and-dunk workshops
  • questions to consider about your organization, learners, and goals when designing programs with learning technology


ATD International Conference & Expo 2017

May 21-24, 2017 | Atlanta, Georgia

“IMS Health Case Study: Innovative Metrics Strategy for Technology-Enabled Learning”

Mike Duffy (CLO, IMS Health)
Sam Herring (CEO, Intrepid Learning)

Learning measurement for innovative tech-enabled programs: everyone knows they need it, but few organizations are actually executing analytics start to finish. One of that vanguard group of metrics-obsessed learning leaders, Mike Duffy, CLO of IMS Health, is passionate about evangelizing methods to design and implement effective measurement backbones for all learning programs. In this case study, presented with Sam Herring, CEO of Intrepid Learning, Duffy will detail how IMS Health approached their 2016-2017 learning strategy and engendered impactful behavioral change for ~10,000 learners and successfully applied analytics best practices to capture meaningful business metrics. IMS Health is seeing profound results, with learners responding positively to the approach. Duffy and Herring will discuss how to design a learning measurement backbone for your online learning programs, best practices for driving and tracking results, choosing the 3-5 behavioral outcomes that will have the most ‘bang for the buck’, and actionable steps for other organizations to take with their own learning initiatives.

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