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Executive education is in a state of disruption, as you know all too well. Technology-enabled competitors are everywhere: free academic MOOCs, corporate training providers, B2C learning offerings, and more. Now, there will always be a place for high-touch in-person workshops and programs, but in addition executive education programs have to offer their customers new models that scale.

Intrepid’s proven “learner-first” approach and unique technology is the way to bridge that gap between traditional classroom-based learning and the demands of the modern corporate customer. Quickly and highly effectively.

We understand executive education. We get it.

We have worked with some of the best business schools in the world—both as partners, and as clients.

Executive education is at an exciting moment of transformation, with new value propositions and possibilities at hand, whether it be augmenting your existing in-person programs by surrounding and extending the classroom experience, or opening up a whole new market by offering your elite IP in a contextualized, scalable digital experience, helping corporation extend learning as a driver of transformation across their workforce. All without diminishing your brand.

And the key to making that happen is Intrepid’s nimble, elegant, integrated collaborative learning digital solution, which includes peer review, integrated social features, a mobile-first design, and certified badging options.

In addition, Intrepid’s administrative features make keeping multiple stakeholders apprised during the process fast and easy: “We had quite a few stakeholders for the public sector sales enablement MOOC we are delivering on the Intrepid platform. Being able to show all of them the intrepid platform was pivotal in getting the initial green light, and then made it very easy to update them quickly and get feedback during the design process.  The visual nature and ease of build of Intrepid’s platform made this process so much easier and “real” for our stakeholders.” —Hilary Albert, Learning & Development Specialist, Microsoft

We know your audience. Really, really well.

Corporate audiences are hungry to deliver “exclusivity at scale” to drive strategic change in their organizations. And they are looking for effective ways to enable learners to collaborate and learn from each other across the enterprise. They are demanding a highly effective digital anytime, anywhere, from any device component to wrap around in-person events, or to cascade an executive education program’s elite content—normally reserved for a few at the top of the organization—across the enterprise.

Our team has deep experience in corporate learning, and we’ve seen enormous success with clients across all industry verticals.

Educational Technology Insights Magazine Top 10

“The traditional executive education market is in a state of mass disruption, with business schools facing technology-enabled competition on all sides,” Educational Technology Insights magazine reports, “and Intrepid is uniquely poised to open up a new world of possibilities for 21st century executive education models.” Read the full article in the March 2016 issue of the magazine, in which Intrepid was named one of the Top 10 Hottest Mobile Learning Solution Companies for 2016.

Example: Our Succesful Partnership with Microsoft and INSEAD

Learn about Microsoft’s highly impactful “mini cloud MBA” program for Microsoft sellers, initially a partnership between Microsoft, Intrepid, and INSEAD. (And now also including programs from other executive education partners such as the London Business School.)

Promo video from Microsoft about the Business School Series


An update on the Microsoft/INSEAD program’s business impact and award wins

Webinar: Lessons from Microsoft’s Leading-Edge “Corporate MOOCs” with Christine McCaffrey (Senior Director, Learning & Readiness, Microsoft), Ludovic Fourrage (Senior Director, Digital Learning Platforms, Microsoft) and Sanjay Advani (VP Marketing & Alliances, Intrepid Learning)

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A Few More Examples

Executive Education Success

Alumni Engagement for Elite European Business School

  • European business school added online component to series of live training programs for global alums to extend reach and networking
  • Online components included both expanded content for live session attendees, and pre-recorded content and activities for those who prefer to access the online sessions
  • Nearly 1,000 alumni of the school’s business programs attended first three-session series

Standardized “Course Zero” for incoming MBA students

  • Career development center of major global business school took all incoming MBA students through a standardized one-week pre-work course on their CVs
  • Each student created a well prepared CV ready for review before they even set foot on campus, increasing efficiency
  • Additional networking and meet-up opportunities within the platform for new student cohorts

Global consulting firm surrounded live events with online MOOC-like courses

  • Vast majority of senior partners rated the online learning “very effective preparation” for live learning & networking events
  • Nearly ¾ of partners initiated client discussions relating to course topics upon completion
  • Based on strong feedback, company is expanding tailored versions of MOOCs to broader audiences (junior consultants and clients)

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