Scale Your Executive Education Program With Intrepid Learn

Your challenge: Your clients are demanding a digital version of your expertise.
Your solution: A digital learning partner with the technology and experience to meet your needs.

We know how to create vibrant, modern online learning experiences that amplify your insights and expertise while bridging the gap between traditional classroom-based learning and the demands of the modern corporate customer—quickly and effectively. Let us show you how to convert classroom training into engaging, effective digital training. 

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We understand the challenges of digital disruption.

Your customers are demanding speed, scale, and impact, and their learners are demanding more engaging, collaborative, and ruthlessly relevant experiences. And technology-enabled competitors are everywhere: free academic MOOCs, corporate training providers, B2C learning offerings, and more. With Intrepid as your digital learning partner, we'll help you meet your customers' needs. 

Your customers are demanding engagement at scale—and you can deliver it.

There will always be a place for high-touch in-person workshops, but in addition, executive education programs can offer their customers new models that scale.

Augment your existing in-person programs by surrounding and extending the classroom experience, or open up a whole new market by offering your elite IP in a contextualized, scalable digital experience, helping corporations extend learning as a driver of transformation across their workforce. All without diminishing your brand.

In fact, our partners have won Gold CLO Learning in Practice, Brandon Hall Excellence, and EFMD awards for their executive education programs on the Intrepid Learn platform.

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Scale Your Executive Education Program With Intrepid Learn

A few of our partners using Intrepid Learn for their digital offerings:

Insead - The Business School for the World
IESE Business School
London Business School

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We Know Your Audience. Really, Really Well.

Our team has 20 years of experience in corporate learning, and we’ve seen enormous success with clients across all industry verticals.

Corporate audiences are hungry to deliver:

  • “Exclusivity at scale” to drive strategic change in their organizations
  • Certificates from prestigious institutions
  • A highly effective digital anytime, anywhere, from any device component to wrap around in-person events, or to cascade an initiative across the enterprise
  • Effective ways to enable learners to collaborate and learn from each other across the enterprise

Online is not face-to-face training—and we mean that in a good way.

As your digital learning partner, we'll show you how to convert classroom training into an effective digital learning program. Online learning experiences allow you to do things you can't do in the classroom, such as:

  • Reach thousands of learners at once
  • Help your clients cascade your elite content across the enterprise
  • Tap tacit knowledge and use it to amplify the power of the learning experience in real time
  • Scale the dynamism of your professors
  • Easily wrap company-specific context around your standard content

Online learning allows you to still:

  • Offer exclusive certifications
  • Empower real behavior change
  • Enhance your elite brand
  • Spark individual learner engagement
  • Foster group collaboration and generation of insights

As your digital learning partner, we will help you through the transition.

  • Program design and development
  • Assistance with your new business model and GTM strategy
  • Marketing and communication best practices for digital products
  • Customer adoption tips and tricks

Sound good? Here's how we get the conversation started:

Tell us the e-learning problems you’re trying to solve.
Let us share successful approaches to your problem.
Let's create and implement your digital learning vision together.

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