Create Digital Offerings that Differentiate Your Business

Your challenge: create online learning experiences that are scalable, engaging and impactful.

We understand the challenges of digital disruption: your customer demand speed, scale, and impact, and their learners demand more engaging, collaborative and ruthlessly relevant learning experiences. We get it.

Your solution: Intrepid Learning’s technology and expertise.

We know how to create vibrant, modern online learning experiences that amplify your insights and expertise. We’ve done it.

A few of our professional development partners utilizing the Intrepid Learning platform for their digital offerings:

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We understand your challenges.

We enable scale and engagement for your learning offerings with our platform.

The delivery of learning is in a state of disruption, with customers demanding engaging digital options in addition to high-touch in-person experiences. And no, they don’t want voice-over PowerPoint e-learning!

You have unique insights, expertise, and credibility. We have highly engaging technology, deep corporate learning expertise, and award-winning experience helping the world’s top learning and development brands create high fidelity online learning offerings.

We know corporate learning.

We understand the problems, nuances and the opportunities.

Intrepid Learning was founded by leaders from a highly regarded training consulting business and a vibrant software development team. We are established leaders in the business of corporate learning, and in the last few years we’ve racked up some pretty impressive accolades as a pure-play learning technology business (24 awards in 2015-2016).

We can transform your business today.

It’s not just a question of capturing what happens in the classroom and creating the same insights and magic online, but also harnessing what tech-enabled learning can do that the classroom can’t. All without diluting your IP or your reputation.

And we provide a complete set of services that help you build new digital offerings, enable your team to support your offerings, drive customer adoption, and successfully go-to-market and attract customers.

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