Talent Acquisition

Qualified Candidates Don’t Grow on Trees

Are you suffering from a lack of suitable candidates? What if you could develop a pool of just the sort of talent you need?

Whether you’re a recruiting agency or an HR and talent department, it’s likely that you’ve found yourself scrambling because of a talent shortage for certain critical positions. With Intrepid’s flexible platform you can launch collaborative courses for highly sought-after skills, identify the high performers, and recruit them for key roles. No more hunting in nooks and crannies for merely the best you can find — instead you can train, and mine, the best there is.

Do Your Organization's Priorities Include...

…building a pipeline of high-performing talent?

…being an employer of choice for exceptional candidates as you promote continuous skills development?

…identifying suitable candidates based on course performance?

…meaningfully engaging global talent pools?

…finding individuals with unique qualifications?

…evolve content and topics in an agile fashion in order to develop the latest high-demand skills?

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