Create Digital Offerings to Differentiate Your Business

Your challenge: Your clients are demanding a digital version of your expertise.

Your solution: Best-in-class digital learning with Intrepid Learn's technology and our team's experience.

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Your content is crucial.

You have built your business based on a great idea and excellent face-to-face training. You have unique insights and credibility, but times have changed and you need to bring your expertise to life in a digital experience—without losing any of the quality of your brand.

We understand the challenges
of digital disruption.

Your customers are demanding speed, scale, and impact, and their learners are demanding more engaging, collaborative, and ruthlessly relevant experiences. With Intrepid as your digital content partner, you can meet those demands. 

We know how to create vibrant, modern online learning experiences that amplify your insights and expertise. Because we've done it, with great success.

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A few of our partners using Intrepid Learn for their digital offerings:

WholeWorks Strategic Leadership
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Miller Heiman Group
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Online is not face-to-face training, and we mean that in a good way.

An online training platform allows you to do things you can't do in the classroom, such as:

  • Scale to thousands of learners in one course
  • Feature more than one instructor's POV and expertise in a class
  • Capture the “master’s magic” without flying them everywhere
  • Generate meaningful peer-reviewed content

While still allowing you to do the things you are used to, such as:

  • Empowering real behavior change
  • Keeping your IP proprietary
  • Maintaining individual learner engagement
  • Fostering group collaboration and generation of insights

Deliver best-in-class digital learning with Intrepid as your digital content partner.

  • Program design and development
  • An effective, engaging online training platform
  • Training to develop digital skills in-house
  • Assistance with your new business model and GTM strategy
  • Marketing and communications best practices for digital products
  • Customer adoption tips and tricks

Sound good? Here's how we get the conversation started:

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Let's create and implement your digital learning vision together.

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