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The Intrepid team strives to be your guide to digital learning transformation. Not just as a platform – but as a partner that relentlessly focuses on learning effectiveness and amplifying your success. 
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About Intrepid by VitalSource

Twenty-five years of digital learning experience and 85+ awards have taught us that learning thrives on agility. Intrepid embraces the unexpected, crafting innovative cohort models and digital tools that empower learning by doing, together.

Our platform goes beyond theory. It’s engaging, hands-on experiences with peers, fueling individual growth and organizational transformation. See our innovation journey unfold below, as we continue our relentless pursuit of learning effectiveness.

  1. 1999

    Intrepid Learning Solutions was founded as a research and consulting business focused on the corporate e-learning market. 

  2. 2002-2012

    We launched and rapidly grew a corporate learning managed services business, landing on the Inc. 500 and serving major global clients such as Boeing, Microsoft, Autodesk, United Airlines, and State Street. 

  3. 2012

    We saw a market opportunity to provide enterprise customers with more engaging, collaborative and applied digital learning experiences. This vision led us to start creating the Intrepid platform. 

  4. 2015

    To enhance focus on our collaborative learning platform business, we sold our managed services business to Xerox in 2015.

  5. 2017

    Over the next few years, we grew the business 750% and were acquired by VitalSource Technologies, a distributor of digital content to higher education students and institutions, to expand into corporate learning. 

  6. TODAY

    Intrepid by VitalSource continues to grow and innovate as a leading cohort learning platform to advance the learner experience and drive organizational impact, scale and efficiency.

Our Values

Welcome to Intrepid by VitalSource, where our core values drive every aspect of what we do to create a dynamic and impactful experience for both our employees and our customers. We’re not just building a cohort learning platform, we’re building a thriving community dedicated to continuous improvement, collaborative innovation, and epic learning journeys.

Agile Progression

Swift, milestone-driven action. Embrace failures as learning opportunities to keep propelling us forward.

Passionate Impact

Infuse everything we do with passion, energy, and humor to create awesome, meaningful outcomes.

Smart Simplicity

Seek smart, efficient solutions. Be stewards of time and resources, ensuring sustainability and excellence.

Collaborative Unity

Collaborate openly and honestly. Share ideas, contribute, solve challenges, and celebrate successes together.

Audacious Innovation

Think big, take bold risks, and make them worthwhile. Have a blast while achieving audacious goals.

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Founded in 1994, VitalSource is the leading education technology solutions provider committed to helping partners create, deliver, and distribute affordable, accessible, and impactful learning experiences worldwide. VitalSource acquired Intrepid in 2017 to expand into corporate learning, and both are committed to powering new and innovative technologies designed to optimize teaching and learning for the 21st century.
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Working at Intrepid

Fueled by a growth mindset and a common passion for improving and innovating the learning experience, our team members consistently go above and beyond to help propel each other and the company forward.

We're a small but powerful team that cheers each other on, celebrating the achievements and coming together to tackle the challenges. Despite being fully remote and dispersed across the USA, we foster a strong sense of camaraderie, collaborating seamlessly to achieve goals.
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Workplace Benefits

We deeply appreciate the contributions our associates make to our success, and in return, we provide an excellent benefits package that covers all the bases. VitalSource benefits are effective on date of hire and can be accessed anytime through our mobile and online platform. The benefits below are for associates based in the United States. Benefits for international associates vary based on location.

Work-Life Balance

Balance is key, which is why you will have generous vacation, personal, birthday, and sick time, plus holidays and parental leave.

Remote Flexibility

We have a flexible and mature approach to remote working environments and schedules. Skip the commute and hit your deadlines from home.

Healthcare Plan Options

We offer a variety of health and dental plans, which include HSA and FSA options along with a robust prescription drug plan.

Supplemental Coverage

We offer many extras such as vision, critical illness coverage, accident insurance, legal support, pet insurance, ID protection, commuter benefits, and FEDlogic.

More in Your Pocket

We’re pleased to provide a competitive base salary and a strong variable component to recognize the value your contributions bring to the company.

Sponsored Benefits

We provide a 401(k) employer match up to 5% for retirement savings, banking benefits, life insurance, AD&D, and disability.

Professional Development

Access a wealth of coaching, mentoring, training, and development opportunities through our Learning and Development programs.

Wellness Program

Once enrolled in a VitalSource medical plan, you can participate in a wellness program that includes mental health counseling and fitness challenges.

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