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The cohort learning platform to connect, practice and upskill.

Solve mission-critical business challenges through engaging and applied learning at scale.

Build real skills and real business impact. Trusted by enterprise organizations worldwide.

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Bridge the Gap Between Learning and Doing

Discover how collaborative, application-based learning can upskill your workforce to build real skills to achieve real business impact. According to a recent LinkedIn Learning Workplace Learning Report, 86% of learning is more engaging when people learn together, and 91% of employees who learn together are more successful. Don't just train, transform.

Use Cases

Empower and engage your workforce, bridge skills gaps, and drive business growth with a learning platform that adapts to your needs while reducing L&D costs.

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The Intrepid Difference

Intrepid is purpose-built for high-stakes upskilling with a unique combination of features and services designed for the success of both learners and leaders.

Solve Business Challenges

Intrepid offers the richest set of features for learners to practice new skills on the job, reflect on what they’ve learned, share their experience with peers, and solve real-world problems.

Learning is immediately integrated and applied to the learner’s actual work context. Learners can practice new skills through missions, projects and assignments, and improve through a blend of expert, peer, and AI-driven feedback.

Intrepid Platform - Solving Business Challenges - Application

Highly Scalable Collaborative Learning

Cohort-based learning is the Gold Standard in skill development, and Intrepid leads the way in cohort capabilities and support for faster learning and deeper understanding.

Boost engagement and retention with a flexible  experience designed to facilitate peer-to-peer learning and knowledge sharing. 

Intrepid collaborative learning platform

Create Personalized Visual Designs

Make your platform your own with its own personality. Unlike other platforms with one-size-fits-all interfaces, you can easily tailor the look and feel of your platform to match your brand and create a unique and engaging learning environment. All without needing any coding or technical expertise.

Intrepid Platform Customization

Design & Implementation Support

We understand the importance of a seamless experience. Our dedicated and tenured Learning Experience Design (LED) team offers comprehensive guidance throughout the design process and rollout, ensuring a smooth transition for L&D teams and engaging experiences for learners.

Additionally, our expert consultants offer strategic guidance on maximizing the platform’s capabilities to achieve your specific learning goals and optimal ROI.  

intrepid platform design support

Case Studies

Real results. Real stories. We’ve helped diverse organizations increase sales, reduce new hire time-to-impact, skyrocket employee engagement, reduce training costs, improve training efficiency, and more. Explore the strategies they used to develop adaptable, productive workforces to stay competitive.
Intrepid Case Study - ServiceNow

ServiceNow Upskills with Cohort-based Learning Program

Scale your corporate training globally! See how ServiceNow used Intrepid's platform to launch a collaborative program that boosted skills and revenue.
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upskilling case study for healthcare organization

EPIC Rollout for Major Healthcare Organization

View the case study of a major Electronic Health Record (EHR) rollout for a large healthcare organization.
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intrepid leadership development case study

Enact’s Blended Learning “Secret Sauce” for Emerging Leaders

Enact Leadership epitomizes a fast-evolving training firm going digital in this case study about their partnership with the collaborative learning platform from Intrepid and client Navis.
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Celebrating Client Success!

85+ Industry Awards and Counting

We're proud to be recognized by leading organizations for our commitment to helping clients achieve their learning goals.
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2023 brandon hall Group technology award bronze
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