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See how quickly collaborative learning can inspire and transform your organization.

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Impactful Collaborative Online Learning

Intrepid’s team leads the way with insights, examples, and advice on creating the best corporate learning programs for your business

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“Our sellers are rating the Intrepid-delivered courses even higher than in-person training events. We couldn’t be happier.”
Ludovic Fourrage, Former Head, Virtual Learning, Microsoft
“By combining our internal talent with the awesome support from Intrepid, we have been able to become truly agile and deliver significant amounts of quality content/courses to a very broad audience.”
Anthony Maguire, Global Capability Program Lead, Telstra

“Our in-person class approach was great, but it lacked the time for application, and for people to share their stories and breakthroughs. With Intrepid’s approach, we can offer our learners the time and resources they need to really practice and apply resilience skills in their lives over time, something that just wasn’t available when we were an ILT-only company.”

Dean Becker, Adaptiv Learning Services, CEO

"I’ve been in learning and development for many years, and I’ve taken countless online programs. I’m telling you, Intrepid is fundamentally different. It’s Week 2 of the CLO Accelerator course and already, I’ve changed. I’m building my network. I’m convinced we need to deliver programs on this platform.”

CLO Accelerator , Learner

"We have been so happy with the design and performance of the Intrepid platform. I love being able to give our developing leaders valuable information in a contemporary, engaging, and connected manner—it’s invaluable to our company’s future."

Global Program Manager, Multinational Conglomerate
"I knew from the moment I saw a demo of the Intrepid platform that this approach to learning is exactly what I was looking for. Intrepid’s platform surpassed my expectations and provided: robust engagement, easy administration, and most of all real business impact."
Vice President, Learning & Performance, Global Consumer Goods Manufacturing Firm
"We’ve seen $500,000 in savings after the first year of the course, our learners are thrilled with the course’s content and delivery, and we’ve changed our minds as an L&D department about what can be accomplished online versus in the classroom. I really believe the Intrepid platform is a game changer."
Director, Talent Management, Americas, Global Consulting Firm
“I’ve never seen so much buzz at the senior levels about a learning technology. The mobile-first, contemporary design, deeply integrated social discussions and real-world assignments have led to absolutely thrilling levels of seller engagement — all of which is directly supporting our transformation. And the Intrepid platform has allowed us to move at the speed of modern business.”
Chris Pirie, former General Manager, Sales Readiness, Microsoft
“Intrepid is an intuitive, user-friendly platform that makes it easy to create content in a highly engaging, learner-centric way. Its aesthetically pleasing and customizable so you can really create the flow of content in a way that learners appreciate. I love that you can add a blend of video, audio, text, context, activities, etc. and address not only multiple learning preferences, but also all of Bloom's taxonomy from quizzes to peer reviewed projects.”
L&D Professional, GP Strategies
“The Cadillac of MOOC learning. The ability to get training out to tens of thousands of people seamlessly. Additionally, a very friendly user interface makes support on the platform very easy."

“Intrepid has offered my company a tremendous amount of support in our journey from a classroom training company to an online training company. I have been surprised and delighted by their partnership.”

Dean Becker, Adaptiv Learning Services, CEO

See how quickly collaborative learning can inspire and transform your organization.

Intrepid’s team leads the way with insights, examples, and advice on creating the best corporate learning programs for your business.


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