EPIC Rollout for Major Healthcare Organization

View the case study of a major Electronic Health Record (EHR) rollout for a large healthcare organization.
A large healthcare organization faced the largest project in its training history: upskilling over 60,000 employees on a new electronic health record system (EHR). They turned to Intrepid and saw an extremely successful and smooth transition.


The impact would be huge: a size never seen before at this healthcare organization, in terms of the numbers of staff who would have to learn the new electronic health record system EPIC.

The proposed rollout encompassed a large spectrum of roles, responsibilities, and geographical locations, in addition to generational differences across staff demographics. Traditional face-to-face training would mean tons of staff time spent in the classroom, with negative effects on:

  • Provider availability
  • Revenue
  • Patient care

"Having hands-on access during class to navigate was huge for my level of understanding."

Learner Feedback
But moving to a digital approach posed a significant mindset shift, and resistance to the idea abounded. However, the size of the learner pool, limited physical training space, and a desire to give options to learners with different learning styles meant that a change from the norm was necessary.
Hours of Enhanced


The collaborative partnership between Intrepid and the healthcare organization resulted in the design and execution of an innovative blended learning journey – with both live and online collaborative elements – that was a seamless experience for learners, even though each rolespecific pathway had different information. And each role saw continuous support post-course for further retention and learning.

The program was rolled out in four stages to 60,000 employees. To create the learner journey, the team used a multi-modal blended learning environment, which included classroom instructor-led training and an online collaborative learning experience. Both were followed by a competency assessment in the organization’s LMS.

"I love how the training is broken down into multiple sessions and not one long chunk.".

Learner Feedback
The key decision points that led to delivering the digital portions of the learning experience on Intrepid:

  • The system is engaging and intuitive for learners
  • Content could be bundled and delivered seamlessly, and be searchable across the learning journey
  • The ability for interactive e-learning modules to accompany microlearning embedded videos and other content
  • “A day in the life” feel with the role-specific pathways
  • “Pulse checks” (quizzes) ensured mastery of massive amounts of content before moving on to the next item

The classroom part of the blended learning experience included:

  • Instruction on the software and workflow
  • “Try it” exercises with live support
  • Chances to meet “super users” of the EPIC software from different work units

Additionally, the learning team implemented a broad change management initiative, since adopting EPIC meant changes to jobs and responsibilities in addition to just learning the ins and outs of the software. Intrepid’s approach to learner-centric design was a key component to the change management initiative.


The data collected from learners show that the blended strategy was extremely successful. Results highlights:

  • Enabled software rollout and speed and scale: Training was delivered to all 60,000 employees in half the time it would have taken with traditional ILT
  • Massive productivity lift: The blended approach resulted in 240K+ hours of enhanced productivity for learners over a more traditional approach. For example, less training time meant increased revenue for billable providers seeing patients.
  • Integrated performance support: the Intrepid solution offered one place for training, deliver, and on-going support post-rollout.

The immediate success of the program also helped the organization’s leadership change their mindset about online learning not just for this rollout, but in general.


Healthcare information and processes are changing at an astronomical rate and this organization must provide ongoing best- in-class solutions for training its employees. The dynamic learning environment of Intrepid, which accommodates varied learning challenges, is a fundamental part of this healthcare organization’s ongoing approach. They continue to choose Intrepid for training new hires on EPIC workflows and for training that supports major EPIC updates.

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