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Scaling Training, Scaling Success

Scaling training for a diverse network of partners and customers can be a complex challenge. Partners may lack in-depth product knowledge, leading to slow onboarding and missed sales opportunities. Customers might not fully grasp your product's capabilities, hindering adoption and reducing value. Enter Intrepid, a smarter training approach that can scale seamlessly.

Business Impact

Beyond information sharing, effective partner and customer training unlocks significant business value. Discover how Intrepid's engaging learning platform simplifies training delivery while amplifying knowledge sharing and real-world application, leading to a win-win scenario. Intrepid's partner and customer platform capabilities allow partners and customers to get up to speed faster, driving growth for your network.

Faster Partner Onboarding & Revenue Growth

Get partners selling quickly with Intrepid's collaborative learning platform. Deeper product knowledge leads to faster onboarding, boosting revenue and driving success for your network.

Improved Customer Experience & Retention

Help customers unlock product value with Intrepid. Engaging, application-based learning experiences ensure customers maximize benefits, leading to higher satisfaction and retention.

Unified Learning & Streamlined Operations

Manage all training in one place with Intrepid. Simplify content creation, delivery, and tracking, saving time and resources while creating a cohesive L&D experience for partners and customers.

Success Story: From Manual to Mastery - ServiceNow's Program Transformation

ServiceNow needed to scale its Certified Technical Architect program to meet a growing demand for skilled professionals. But manual processes, limited tracking features, and a fragmented learner experience hindered program efficiency and effectiveness. Discover how Intrepid helped ServiceNow overcome these challenges to scale rapidly, improve skills, and increase revenue.
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Success Story: Global Consulting Firm Addresses Knowledge Transfer Gap

Discover how a leading global management consulting firm bridged the knowledge gap between tenured and newly-appointed partners through a 14-week blended coaching program.
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partner and customer training software case study

Partner and Customer Training Results on Intrepid

Increase in Certification
Pass Rates
Increase in Engagement
and Satisfaction

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