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Break free from outdated training. Build thriving corporate academies that ignite continuous upskilling, community learning, and measurable business impact.
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Corporate Academies: Growth Engines That Deliver Value

Imagine a learning environment where employees actively engage, share knowledge, and acquire critical skills at their own pace. Traditional, instructor-led training often feels like a relic of the past, failing to ignite the passion for continuous learning. Corporate academies have emerged as a powerful solution, but need the right tools to cultivate a thriving learning ecosystem. Intrepid's platform enables academies to break free from outdated methods.
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Business Impact

While corporate academies provide employees with valuable knowledge, their true power lies in driving business results. Closing the skills gap promotes a more agile and adaptable workforce, and the Intrepid platform allows you to build effective academies at scale to bridge that gap.

Accelerated Skill Development & Onboarding

Go beyond traditional training. Intrepid's platform empowers corporate academies to deliver collaborative, application-based learning that accelerates skill development and gets employees productive faster.

Boosted Employee Engagement & Retention

Create a thriving learning community within your academy. Intrepid's platform fosters knowledge sharing and creates a more engaging learning experience, leading to a more skilled and motivated workforce.

Measurable Business Impact & ROI

Track progress, analyze data, and showcase the impact of your academy programs. Intrepid's platform provides valuable insights that allow you to measure the effectiveness of your training and optimize your academy for better business results.

Success Story: Telstra's Enterprise Academy Transforms Learning Capabilities and Culture

Telstra transformed its learning culture by launching a centralized online platform (Telstra Enterprise Academy) built on Intrepid. Intrepid offered accessible, targeted training for all employees, including the "Telstra Way" sales methodology. The platform's ease of use and social features boosted engagement and content creation, leading to a more skilled and productive workforce.
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5 Moments of Need Academy Courses Partner with Intrepid to Address Complex Challenges

APPLY Synergies, a leader in revolutionizing organizational performance through the 5 Moments of Need methodology, partners with Intrepid to transform the way that 5 Moments of Need Academy courses are delivered. Academy courses are now more accessible, engaging, and impactful.
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A cohort learning platform for mission-critical corporate training

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