Revolutionizing Learning: 5 Moments of Need Joins Forces with Intrepid

Author: Intrepid by VitalSource
October 19, 2023
5 moments of need partners with intrepid

APPLY Synergies, a leader in revolutionizing organizational performance through the 5 Moments of Need methodology, is proud to announce a new partnership with Intrepid by VitalSource, a leading cohort learning platform used to connect, practice, and upskill. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for 5 Moments of Need, strengthening its commitment to enhance learning solutions and empower organizations to meet their employees’ needs in the flow of work.

As a result of this strategic partnership, 5 Moments of Need is excited to launch its asynchronous Designer Certificate Course, which will begin with a 5 Moments of Need Fundamentals Badge. By leveraging Intrepid’s advanced technology, they can deliver a seamless and engaging learning experience for participants. This course will empower individuals to become skilled designers who can effectively meet the learning needs of employees in the digital age.
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“We believe that this partnership and the introduction of our Designer Certificate Course will enable us to provide cutting-edge solutions that address the complex challenges faced by organizations in today’s rapidly changing learning landscape,” said Einar Schow, CEO of 5 Moments of Need. “We are committed to helping organizations deliver effective training that enhances performance and meets the diverse needs of their workforce.”

Sam Herring, Vice President and General Manager of Intrepid, added, “The 5 Moments of Need framework has been instrumental integrating learning and development into the flow of work for countless organizations. By combining APPLY Synergies’ expertise with Intrepid’s learning technology that emphasizes collaboration and application, the result is a unique and highly effective learning experience that reinforces learning in the flow of work and yields tangible business outcomes for organizations.”

The partnership not only represents a commitment to innovation, but also transforms the way that 5 Moments of Need Academy courses are delivered—making them more accessible, engaging, and impactful. This collaboration will bring new possibilities that will have a positive impact on organizations and individuals alike. In addition to delivering its Designer Certificate Course on Intrepid, as strategic partners, APPLY Synergies will also be making the Intrepid platform available to its customers to help them solve additional business challenges.

About APPLY Synergies: A 5 Moments of Need Company

APPLY Synergies was founded in 2013 with the vision to revolutionize organizational performance through the 5 Moments of Need methodology and framework. As pioneers of the 5 Moments of Need and strategic consulting for workflow learning solutions, they have emerged as the preferred choice for organizations looking to move from training to performance.

About Intrepid by VitalSource

Intrepid is a cohort learning platform to connect, practice and build skills that develop your people and grow your business. Intrepid empowers organizations to solve mission-critical business challenges through blended learning experiences at scale. Its award-winning platform enables a learner experience that is collaborative and highly engaging through cohort activities, real-world application, and live sessions to improve employee performance, reduce training costs, scale enablement, and more.

For more information, contact Intrepid by VitalSource.

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