Collaborative Learning – The Key to Better Performance

Looking for ways to boost productivity and engagement in hybrid teams? Explore the benefits of collaborative learning and its impact on performance.

Discover the strategies high-performing organizations use to train their employees

Intrepid by VitalSource partnered with Training Industry, Inc. to conduct rigorous research to reveal the truth about collaborative learning — including who is doing it and how, and why high-performing organizations are using it in more learning offerings.

Download your copy now to explore why learner collaboration in training is not only beneficial to learners themselves, but also to the overall performance of an organization.

white paper - collaborative learning - the key to better performance

Get the white paper to learn:

  • What the key concepts are of collaborative learning and its significance in the modern workplace.
  • How collaborative learning impacts high-performing organizations versus low-performing organizations.
  • Where challenges arise in implementing collaborative learning and strategies to overcome them.
  • Which tools and technology are commonly used to fuel a collaborative learning culture.
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Download a copy of the white paper now!

Download a copy of the white paper now!