Bridge Your Global IT Skills Gap and Drive Transformation


Organizations are facing budget constraints, and many will need to explore more focused approaches to bridging skills gaps. One of the biggest developments in this space is the rise of cohort-based learning. Discover how to implement this innovative approach to address IT skills gaps and drastically improve digital transformation on a global level.

In this webinar, Brian Cator of CoreLogic and Julie Sherman of Intrepid by VitalSource explore real-world examples of IT skilling challenges and overcoming the nuances of managing global diverse teams with complex needs and unique cultural dynamics. They unveil proven strategies for building successful and scalable learning programs that foster peer collaboration, increased engagement and productivity, and workforce adaptability.

This interactive session will provide actionable insights on how to:

  • Develop a skills-based approach within your organization to bridge skills gaps and adapt rapidly evolving advancements in technology.
  • Understand common challenges in implementing global IT-based learning initiatives and how to overcome them.
  • Explore best practices for interactive and collaborative learning to drive scalable success for skilling across diverse teams..

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Brian Cator - CoreLogic

Brian Cator

Senior Director, Software Engineering
Julie Sherman - Senior Account Manager - Intrepid by VitalSource

Julie Sherman

Senior Account Manager
Intrepid by VitalSource

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