Turning New Hire Training into a Motivating Game

Author: Intrepid by VitalSource
April 28, 2017
new hire training - make it fun

Did you miss Judy Albers and Capital City Bank’s Denise Wilson’s presentation at Learning Solutions last month? Never fear! Turning New Hire Training into a Motivating Game” is available to view for eLearning Guild members.

In retail banking, like many regulated industries, the entry-level customer service employees have complicated jobs combining relationship skills, compliance with complex regulations, and adherence to frequently changing policies and procedures. Conventional wisdom still says these skills are difficult to learn effectively with online learning technology, particularly if the learning is self-directed.

Capital City Bank turned a once burdensome onboarding program into one that engages and motivates new tellers. Learn how they tackled the onboarding challenge with a self-directed online learning experience that meets all five “moments of learning need,” offers intuitive performance support, provides career path opportunities for all tellers, and reinforces corporate culture.

In this session, Judy and Denise cover:

  • How to structure a single online learning journey intuitively for performance support, compliance training, and new-hire orientation
  • How to apply gamification and communication approaches to attract and motivate participants in your own learning programs
  • How to create personalized experiences
  • How to create custom content on a budget

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