Solve Scalable Delivery and Engagement Challenges With Intrepid Discover

Your mandate:
Securely reduce the costs and complexity of your information distribution and increase the engagement of learners.

Your solution:
Discover's technology and our team's experience.

Your information is essential

And it needs to be both engaging and safe. You need to securely get content into the hands of learners at scale—it's vital to the functioning of your organization.

Solve Your Scalable Delivery and Engagement Challenges with Intrepid Discover

We understand the modern learner

And we understand how meeting their needs with a sophisticated distribution system can directly drive business impact. The modern learner expects:

  • Consumer-grade online experiences
  • Learning to be easily searchable, accessible at the moment of need, and available in small, easily digestible chunks
  • Learning to be mobile-first so it fits into their life and work—anytime, anywhere, and on any device, online or offline
  • Learning materials to meet accessibility standards like WCAG

Online learning materials delivery

Online learning allows you to do things you can't do with print, or even basic pdfs (paper under glass):

  • Keep your valuable content secure
  • Build, enhance, and revise content with easy-to-use editing screens, and get it into the hands of the people who need it, instantly and securely
  • Engage the learner by adding interactivity features to your learning materials: quizzes/knowledge checks, videos, sharing notes, highlighting, and bookmarking
  • Expand usability through mobile access on any screen
  • Gate content if needed to create an easily understandable flow of information
  • Upload a variety of content via "drag and drop" in bulk, and distribute it automatically with new versions on all devices
  • Provide metrics down to the individual level for analytics that help with ROI and program iteration

We will help onboard you to Discover:

  • Onboarding overview to the platform
  • Professional services available
  • Continued client success support and sharing of
    Discover best practices

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