Amazing Results for a Sales Enablement Intrepid Corporate MOOC

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February 18, 2015
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Amazing Results For A Sales Enablement Intrepid Corporate MOOC

Seattle, WA, February 18, 2015 — Phenomenal post-course readiness ratings for Microsoft sales training delivered on Intrepid Learning’s innovative SaaS platform.

Intrepid Learning, Inc. is delighted to report that a post-course survey of Microsoft’s first instance of the Intrepid Corporate MOOC garnered an overwhelmingly positive rating for the survey statement “This course builds skills or knowledge which will improve how I perform my job” — a rating Microsoft executives see as a primary measure of training’s field readiness preparation. Learners also reported a very high overall net satisfaction rating of 188 out of 200, with no learners expressing anything but satisfaction with the experience on a 1-to-5 scale.

The robust and demanding course also finished with 85% of learners earning their Executive Education certificate, in sharp contrast to the typical completion rate of around 5% for an academic or off-the-shelf executive MOOC (Massive Open Online Course). Learner engagement was high and sustained throughout the semi-synchronous 8-week online experience, launched with over 850 learners. Online discussion forums boasted 31,300 messages exchanged over the eight weeks, 3,000 in the first week alone, and the course ended with nearly 85% of learners active on the forums and 650 final assignments reviewed by peers.

The sales readiness course, developed in close partnership with international business school INSEAD, covered business strategy and financial acumen topics, and is the first of three courses in a series. In addition to providing the next-gen SaaS-based platform on which the course was deployed, Intrepid Learning’s roles included developing a corporate MOOC strategy for the Microsoft sales organization, vetting partner business schools (and ultimately recommending INSEAD for the initial course), and providing the blended learning instructional design expertise to translate INSEAD’s in-person course material to an engaging online learning experience that kept an audience of busy global sellers motivated, excited and active.

“We could not be happier with the outcome of this project, and with the results of our partnership with Intrepid Learning and INSEAD,” said Ludovic Fourrage, Head of Virtual Learning at Microsoft. “The results speak for themselves. Such high engagement levels were beyond our highest expectations. Intrepid’s platform allowed us the agility to scale our training at the speed, and quality necessary for our business.”

“This wildly successful training program demonstrates the potential of MOOC-like derivatives,” said Sam Herring, Intrepid’s CEO, “to create the kind of engaging, collaborative learning at scale needed to effectively address critical business challenges today. An elegant, learner-first experience, in combination with the right content, context, and course design, can make a huge impact.”

Intrepid is also pleased to announce its Learning Hub and Corporate MOOC platform is now available on the Microsoft Azure CDN.

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About Intrepid Learning Inc.
Intrepid Learning’s mission is to create the world’s most engaging and impactful learning technology, and to see it used by the world’s best companies. Intrepid’s SaaS platform empowers organizations to solve critical business challenges with cost-effective, easily configurable solutions that scale massively, connect learning to everyday work, and provide an integrated social and mobile-first learning experience. The creation of Intrepid’s flagship solutions, the Intrepid Learning Hub and Corporate MOOC, was informed by solving critical business challenges for clients over the company’s previous 15 years as a market-leading training outsourcing and consulting firm. Intrepid’s outsourcing and professional services business was acquired by Xerox in January 2015. Intrepid Learning, Inc. is headquartered in Seattle, Washington.

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