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March 3, 2020
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 Seattle (March 3, 2020) – Intrepid®, the market-leading collaborative learning platform for global enterprises and elite training providers, today announced a series of enhanced integrations to help customers easily integrate other critical business applications with Intrepid. The integrations connect Intrepid with a variety of systems including LMS, LXP and adaptive learning platforms, social logins, e-commerce tools, business intelligence applications, and AI-based applications such as chatbots and auto-transcription services. These integrations seamlessly extend Intrepid’s collaborative learning platform with other critical learning and business applications yielding enhanced value for learner experience, administrative efficiency, and business insights.

The new integrations add value for Intrepid customers in multiple ways. The first set of integrations expand the range of learning experience options which can be embedded as activities into an Intrepid learning journey. For example, Intrepid now offers a rich integration with Acrobatiq® by VitalSource, a cognitive science based learning platform. Acrobatiq is founded on 12 years of research at Carnegie Mellon’s Open Learning Initiative, which proved strong correlations between learning activities and learning gains. This integration enables adaptive learning experiences for individual learners within the context of an Intrepid learning journey.

A second set of integrations provides easy access to Intrepid learning experiences via popular third-party tools such as easy log-in access through social profiles like LinkedIn, and the ability to purchase learning experiences through ecommerce tools like Shopify.

Through a third set of integrations, Intrepid now powers enhanced analytics to measure the impact of high-stakes learning programs on key organizational goals and provide insights into learner behavior and business performance. Intrepid provides robust data feeds to learning management systems, business analytics tools such as Tableau, and web analytics tools such as Google Analytics.

Finally, Intrepid now leverages other value-added AI services that reduce customer administrative loads such as learner support chatbots, and transcription services that automatically transcribe video to text.

Intrepid’s Vice President and General Manager, Sam Herring, explains: “I am thrilled to announce our suite of new integrations which help business leaders unlock the full potential of Intrepid. Together, these integrations are designed to innovate and enhance the learner experience, drive administrative efficiency, and share data seamlessly to deliver business insights and continuously improve the learner experience. We embrace our role as a core application within our customers’ learning ecosystems, and we are committed to helping our customers and partners reduce friction and realize value in working with Intrepid.”

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