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Intrepid is the collaborative learning platform that empowers organizations to solve high-stakes business challenges through engaging and applied learning at scale.

Product Feature Highlights

    01: Feature

    Collaboration with Purpose

    • Discussion forums
    • Workspaces
    • Peer-reviews
    • Social profiles
    • Social features

    Help your moderators leverage discussions to reinforce key concepts, keep a finger on the “pulse” of learner-generated insights, highlight themes, and surface tacit knowledge across the cohort.

    Empower learners to engage with each other and learn together through real-world practice and reflection in discussion forums. You don’t have to give up engagement and collaboration with digital learning – in fact, it can be amplified beyond what the physical classroom allows.

    Workspaces provide teams of learners with a dedicated area to collaborate and apply learning to their work -- together. Connect learners globally without time zone constraints, so they can share insights and apply new concepts to solve real challenges with colleagues. Social profiles make it easy for learners to “get to know” one another within a cohort.

    Peer-review: Learners can review others’ final assignments through the Peer Review feature and gain further insights, feedback, and sharing of institutional wisdom.

    Engage cohorts of learners together within a specific company, topic, or industry context. “Liking” and sharing, bookmarking, opportunities to comment, “favorite-ing” help your learners create new networks of peers that endure both within and beyond the confines of the digital course—an added bonus for clients.


    Screenshot of a mission with peer review

    02: Feature

    Built-in Motivation

    • Gamification

    • Leaderboard

    • Quizzes

    • Checklists


    Use points and badges to demonstrate completion and mastery and to motivate learners.

    Need to spur competition? Intrepid’s gamification are a fun way to inspire friendly competition. Want to help learners track their progress – or demonstrate learner competency to managers and stakeholders? Intrepid’s gamification features get the job done. Want to increase engagement? Use Intrepid’s gamification features for that, too. Whatever your goals for each digital product, Intrepid’s gamification features can help you accomplish them at scale. Self-check features like quizzes and checklists also help motivate learners.

    Screenshot of Intrepid platform

    Related to Built-In Motivation

    03: Feature

    Pragmatic Application

    • Contextualization
    • Missions
    • Projects
    • Journals
    Complete the learning cycle by providing the opportunity to practice new skills on the job. Apply new knowledge, reflect and share back with peers in the platform (bonus: demonstrated capability for managers and ROI tracking). In other words, this is not another e-learning content push, but rather a pragmatic way to apply theory and knowledge to the real world of work.
    Missions & Projects: Real-world challenges that provide the opportunity to practice new skills and build behaviors through relevant, experiential assignments. They can be used for both individual and team work.
    Add topic, industry, or company context easily through note tiles, video uploads, and more with Intrepid’s flexible authoring capability. Use existing or new microlearning assets of all types (videos, podcasts, documents, e-learning modules, infographics, links) to build a spaced learning journey over time that brings magic to what might otherwise be randomized elements.
    Screenshot of Intrepid platform with social profile

    04: Feature

    Easy Administration

    • Site Builder
    • Reporting & Analytics
    • User Types
    • Syllabus Panel
    • Integrations
    • Clear Communication

    Track learner progress and the overall course status to ensure improved performance against your clients’ key business metrics through an elegant dashboard.

    • Leverage charts and data to track progress
    • Filter data quickly to track progress against key metrics
    • Drill down to the cohort and individual level for granular insights

    Release course material on a time-bound basis through the syllabus panel if desired, and easily control who sees what with user types.

    Keep your cohort up to speed and meeting deadlines with emails, announcements, and what we like to call “grouting”—that information in between pieces of content that give company context and clarity around goals and use.

    “Grouting” allows you to easily repurpose existing course architecture for easy repeatability of successful programs across the enterprise.

    Screenshot of Intrepid platform with workspaces

    05: Feature

    Innovative Integrations

    Integrations come in lots of flavors, and our team is always making sure that the Intrepid platform works well for you when it comes to a seamless learner experience, easy reporting to and from programs already in your ecosystem, and new integrations that expand the reach of collaborative online learning experiences, including signing up for live meetings and events from within the platform.

    In other words, we work well with your existing ecosphere while also always looking for ways to extend the innovative Intrepid functionality within the experience too.

    A select few highlights of our platform integrations, above and beyond those you’d naturally expect from a SaaS product (like Single Sign-On):

    • Degreed
    • Shopify
    • Various LMS integrations
    • Acrobatiq
    • Sign up for live meetings and events from within the learning experience, plus calendar reminders and meeting and recording URLs.

    Intrepid is always looking at new and tighter integrations with workspace collaborative tools, and our solution architects will work with you and your existing ecosystem to ensure a seamless experience for learners and an easy setup for administrators.

    Integration graphic 2021

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