Help Your Sales Force React at the Speed of Business

Your challenge: Transform your sales team and keep them all up to date and on the same page as your business.

Your solution: Online sales enablement with Intrepid Learn and our team's expertise.

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Help Your Sales Force React at the Speed of Business

An online sales enablement program allows you to quickly and effectively:

  • Allow new sales team members to sell more quickly
  • Foster an atmosphere of learning and continuous improvement in your sales force through online and mobile sales enablement
  • Use sales enablement best practices to implement new strategies and processes across the globe at speed
  • Get your entire team ramped up on new product releases immediately
  • Align sales methodology directly with company goals
  • Create global cohorts of salespeople sharing knowledge on verticals, approaches, and more
  • Turn average salespeople into high-performing trusted advisors by incorporating sales enablement best practices into their digital learning program

Microsoft Transforms Global Sales Enablement With Revolutionary Corporate MOOC

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“We are thrilled at the impact this groundbreaking MOOC program for Microsoft sellers is having on our business. Intrepid and INSEAD’s partnership has been phenomenal and the results speak for themselves: consistently stellar 80% pass rates, high engagement, high voluntary enrollment, and demonstrated capability with won-deals directly attributable to the program. And, our sellers are rating the Intrepid-delivered courses even higher than in-person training events. We couldn’t be happier.”

Ludovic Fourrage, former Head, Virtual Learning, Microsoft

Business Acumen + Soft Skills: How Microsoft Is Using Online Collaborative Learning for Public Sector Sellers

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“We had quite a few stakeholders for the public sector sales enablement MOOC we are delivering on the Intrepid Learn platform. Being able to show all of them the Intrepid platform was pivotal in getting the initial green light, and then made it very easy to update them quickly and get feedback during the design process. The visual nature and ease of build of Intrepid’s Learn platform made this process so much easier and ‘real’ for our stakeholders.”

Hilary Albert, Learning & Development Specialist, Microsoft

QuintilesIMS Solves Sales Onboarding Challenges With Award-Winning Blended MOOC Approach

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Global Management Consulting Firm Captures & Shares Intrinsic Legacy Knowledge

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