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Actively prototype and test your course in real time. Plan, build consensus, design, and launch right on our platform.

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Step 02
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Prototype & Alignment

Step 03
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Course Building

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Course Testing

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Step 01
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  • Guided enablement to the Intrepid platform’s features & capabilities
  • Access to design and delivery resources
  • Dedicated point of contact for consistent support and expertise
Step 02
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Prototype & Alignment

  • Design with our “hackathon” approach to a prototype
  • Help with aligning stakeholders to program vision
  • Content creation if required
Step 03
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Course Building

  • Build-review-revise iterations
  • Flexible and reusable agile techniques
Step 04
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Course Testing

  • Weekly review sessions with our Learning Experience Design team
  • “Voice of the learner” feedback sessions
Step 05
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Course Launch

  • Program launch and communications if desired
  • Iteration and review of program success for next launch if desired

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With over 20 years of corporate training experience, we have developed both a platform and process engineered with a bias for action.

  • Quickly create a prototype around which you can align your stakeholders.
  • Ensure your course is ruthlessly relevant and centered on what the learners must know.
  • Deliver programs quickly so that they are meaningful to learners.
  • Build lasting capability by teaching flexible and reusable agile techniques (like rapid prototyping and “voice of the learner” testing).
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Our service tiers ensure your team has the tools and support for your needs.


Fixed-price package includes 2 to 3 weeks of remote training and design and build sessions to prototype a program. Coaching and support through launch on everything required for success. Ideal for clients who can design and build the program and don’t need in-person support.


Not currently available due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Fixed-price package includes 2 to 4 days of in-person training and design and build sessions to prototype a program. Following in-person session, we provide remote coaching and support through launch on everything required for success. Designed for clients who have demanding timelines or who are building more complex solutions, and/or prefer in-person support.

Custom Services

For clients who don’t have time or staff to manage tasks in-house, we have deep experience designing and building content to reflect the specific requirements of a tailored solution.


We can help with:

  • Instructional design
  • Content design & build
  • Video shoot and production
  • Custom graphics
  • Conducting voice of the learner sessions
  • Course moderation and facilitation
  • Course administration

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“By combining our internal talent with the awesome support from Intrepid, we have been able to become truly agile and deliver significant amounts of quality content/courses to a very broad audience.”
ANTHONY MAGUIRE, Global Capability Program Lead, Telstra
"I knew from the moment I saw a demo of the Intrepid platform that this approach to learning is exactly what I was looking for. Intrepid’s platform surpassed my expectations and provided: robust engagement, easy administration, and most of all real business impact."
Vice President, Learning & Performance, Global Consumer Goods Manufacturing Firm
“Intrepid is perfect for modern, compact and time-efficient learning experience. It delivers what learners need and expect, a no-fuss learning on the go, tailored to available time and environment. Most importantly, it makes learning fun! That being said, Intrepid can be used for fairly large and complex training programs efficiently. This system is absolutely fantastic to work with for IDs.”
Accreditation Expert, Telstra