Augmenting Technology with Expertise

What’s better than a cloud-based learning technology platform that helps people perform more effectively and offers organizations a way to train at reduced costs?

All that plus a team of experts dedicated to ensuring that your content, implementation, and measurement strategies are top notch.

Do it Right, Right Off the Bat

Your first instance of our platform includes the following services:

Learning Experience Design

Expert assistance in everything you need to bring your content to life on our platform — information architecture, content planning, visual design consulting — plus quarterly training on modern learning principles.

Platform and Content Configuration

Configuration, branding, and structure of the learning experience, and we’ll help you get started with the creation of any complex assets.

Measurement and Business Intelligence

Advising on measurement best practices and how to leverage self-service reporting, learner feedback, etc. And integrate that with your existing measurement plan.

Client Enablement

Training on basic instructional design principles for short form content and on how to build your own modern online learning experiences on our platform — as the saying goes, we’ll teach you how to fish.

Marketing Communication

You can build it, but will they come? We offer both planning and messaging support for a successful launch.

Moderation Services

Moderation and curation of learner-created content make a MOOC dynamic and alive.

Launch services and client enablement are done by our in-house Learning Experience Design experts, never outsourced third parties. And after you’re up to speed, our intuitive design lets you create and iterate in the platform on your own.

Partner Services

In addition, we and our partners can provide the following custom services:

Content Development

Content experts across disciplines ready to assist you with short-form and multi-media content creation.

Business Intelligence

DIY and bespoke options. Utilize our existing measurement packages or, if you need custom business intelligence and web analytics, we’ll design those with you.

For a taste of the Intrepid team's expertise and point of view around modern corporate learning experience design, check out these resources:

Intrepid’s take on the modern corporate learner, and the business benefits inherent in satisfying their demands for good online learning experiences.
Gamification: a buzzword, sure, but when it’s done well, one of the more effective learner motivators out there. Check out Summer Salomonsen’s detailed look at points vs. badges for learner motivation.
Manjit Sekhon delves into the secret sauce for engaging learners in a Corporate MOOC in this Learning Solutions article.
Intrepid is serious about the brain science behind adult learning. In this blog post Judy Albers explains the Five Moments of Need and how they relate to online learning.

Intrepid’s Declaration of Modern Learner Rights. A document we think the corporate learning world NEEDS.

Sam Herring talks “Business Results from the Modern Learner” in this Brandon Hall HCMx podcast.

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