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Intrepid’s collaborative platform rivals ILT for engagement and outpaces it for on-the-job application, reflection time, interaction, and effectiveness.

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Extend your revenue streams and enhance your brand with best-in-class digital experiences (and we’re not talking isolating e-learning).

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Rest Assured

Intrepid has proven time and again that training firms which have been successful in the face-to-face world can evolve quickly and with great success.

A collaborative learning platform to help your business grow

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Move Beyond e-Learning and Virtual Classrooms

Peer-to-peer learning, reflection, and on-the-job application are the name of the game.

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Trade-Offs Not Required

Scale, quality, and price are not mutually exclusive anymore. With Intrepid, all these advantages are possible.

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Deliver Results Where It Counts

Intrepid is the platform for delivering high stakes training that the business relies upon, with the ability to track learner progress against business metrics.


  • Business Strategy and Transformation
  • Communication and Presentation
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Leadership
  • Sales and Service
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“Honestly, we were skeptics about leadership skill-building on a digital platform! We picked Intrepid as our partner because their platform makes it easy to innovate, customize and create the kind of impact we thought only instructor-led could offer. They were agile, responsive, fun partners, ensuring they fully transferred capability to our in-house team. Thank you, Intrepid!”
Lydia Oxendine, Senior Consultant, Enact Leadership
"The learner experience is second to none."
Sales Capability, Telstra
“Intrepid is an intuitive, user-friendly platform that makes it easy to create content in a highly engaging, learner-centric way. Its aesthetically pleasing and customizable so you can really create the flow of content in a way that learners appreciate. I love that you can add a blend of video, audio, text, context, activities, etc. and address not only multiple learning preferences, but also all of Bloom's taxonomy from quizzes to peer reviewed projects.”
L&D Professional, GP Strategies
“The Cadillac of MOOC learning. The ability to get training out to tens of thousands of people seamlessly. Additionally, a very friendly user interface makes support on the platform very easy."
"Intrepid’s standing as an iconic industry leader is unmatched. I’ve known Sam and his team for nearly twenty years, and we couldn’t be more excited about partnering with them. Together, we’ll be able to bring business, HR and learning leaders collaborative, impactful course experiences unlike any other. Intrepid’s enviable clients and partners, their many awards, and of course their innovation in collaborative online learning make them the perfect partner for us."
Jeanne Meister, Future Workplace
"I love the interactive nature of the platform that gets people both on and off computers as they learn. It is based on best-in-class educational principles for how we best learn."
David Shurna, Executive Director, No Barriers USA