How to Unlock SKO Impact: Strategies for Boosting Sales Success


Gain practical insights from SKO (Sales Kickoff) experiences, real-world strategies and examples, and valuable planning tips to position yourself for a successful year. With increasingly discerning buyers and productivity challenges, mere motivational talks may not suffice. A touch of strategic planning can be the game-changer.

In this webinar replay, discover:

  • The heightened significance of SKOs in today’s business environment
  • The transformative impact of introducing a blended experience for your team
  • Techniques for crafting the perfect Blended Sales Kickoff
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Sam Herring - Vice President and General Manager, Intrepid by VitalSource

Sam Herring

Vice President and General Manager
Intrepid by VitalSource
Ray Makela - Sales Readiness Group

Ray Makela

GM of Talent Productivity
Sales Readiness Group

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Access the On Demand Webinar Now!

Access the On Demand Webinar Now!