The Intrepid Corporate MOOC: innovative cohort-driven learning at scale.

Are you looking for a technology-enabled learning solution that can scale massively and allow a cohort of learners to collaborate and learn together? Are you frustrated by the one-dimensional “broadcasts” typical of most e-learning? Do you want a more engaging experience that puts learners first?

We thought so. Attack your biggest business challenges with the Intrepid Corporate MOOC configuration of our platform for a next-generation blended learning experience — powered by innovative technology and bolstered by deep understanding of how people learn — that will empower you to promote, educate and train effectively. Cohort-driven, time-bound, semi-synchronous, bi-directional, deeply engaging, and built with enterprise business challenges in mind.

Think you know MOOCs? Think again.

Low completion rates. So-so engagement from those who do stay. A nice idea for retirees who want to dabble in art history or maybe some rural college kid, but not for my complex organizational challenges. Right? WRONG.

The Intrepid Corporate MOOC is not your average MOOC. The Intrepid Corporate MOOC gets off-the-charts retention rates, meaningful and excited engagement from learners, and thrilled client feedback. Those modern learners who don’t have time for your current training program, those learners who have to be nagged to take an online course? They complete their MOOCs in droves. And, most importantly, they really learn what they need to learn.

“Almost every day someone stops me in the hallway or sends me an email letting me know how valuable the MOOC course is!” a client recently reported. “Loads of Managers are coming to me asking when the next round is. Just wanted to let you know everyone is thrilled and this is making my life a joy!!”

Our clients are seeing phenomenal success with this highly tailored corporate MOOC approach—with completion rates over 80% (compared to an off-the-shelf academic MOOC’s 5-10% average) and learner satisfaction as high or higher than their most popular in-person ILT.

What business priorities can a Corporate MOOC help you with?


Sales Enablement

Help team members acquire the skills and knowledge they need to become strategic business partners for your clients.

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Customer Education

Convert prospects to educated evangelists with a unique learning experience that builds community around your product.

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Leadership & Management

Create a central, collaborative learning experience to share knowledge and integrate new managers into your culture from day one.

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Employee Onboarding

Increase speed to competency, reduce turnover, and immerse your new hires in your company culture from the get-go.

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Talent Acquisition

Single out the cream of the corporate crop with highly sought-after course offerings.

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Support Services

Learning Experience Design

Expert assistance in bringing your content to life on our platform, including information architecture, content planning, and visual design consulting. Plus, we provide quarterly training on modern learning principles for as long as your license is in effect.

Platform and Content Configuration

Configuration, branding, and structure of the learning experience, and we’ll help you get started with the creation of any complex assets.

Measurement and Business Intelligence

Advising on measurement best practices and how to leverage self-service reporting, learner feedback, etc. And integrate that with your existing measurement plan.

Client Enablement

Training on basic instructional design principles for short form content and on how to build your own modern online learning experiences on our platform — as the saying goes, we’ll teach you how to fish.

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Learn more about the Corporate MOOC Approach


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Is It a Good Fit for a MOOC?

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Driving Learner Engagement in a Corporate MOOC

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 Webinar: 5 Lessons from Microsoft’s Leading-Edge “Corporate MOOC” Innovations

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