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Our background

20 years of digital learning experience and over 85 awards have taught us that the journey doesn't always follow a straight path — and that's a good thing. But we never lose sight of our true north: innovating digital learning to drive business results.

We are disrupting old-school corporate training technologies that focus just on content delivery, and offer a vast improvement on new pandemic-era band-aid approaches that limit opportunities for real  learning. Our platform provides engaging opportunities to apply learning at work and to learn with peers, because we all learn from practice and from one another. Intrepid’s approach helps individuals learn and improve, and organizations transform and grow.

We understand how fast the world is changing, and how frustrating it is to try to help your people when stuck with outdated or cobbled-together solutions. We also understand you want to leap ahead and do things differently. Intrepid is here to guide your digital transformation, helping you create and deliver effective corporate learning experiences that will drive your business.

  • 20+ years corporate learning experience
  • Collaborative learning experts
  • 70+ awards
  • Corporate MOOC pioneers
  • Global customers across industries
Our leadership team
Sam Herring - Intrepid by VitalSource

Sam Herring

Vice President & General Manager

Jo Surbrugg - Intrepid by VitalSource

Jo Surbrugg

Vice President, Planning & Operations

Tim Chudy - Intrepid by VitalSource

Tim Chudy

Director, Business Development

Rachel Elfenbein - Intrepid by VitalSource

Rachel Elfenbein

Director, Product Management

JR Burtch - Intrepid by VitalSource

JR Burch

Director, Learning Experience Design

Gabe Starbuck - Intrepid by VitalSource

Gabe Starbuck

Director, Technology Operations

Kristina Reid - Intrepid by VitalSource

Kristina Reid

Director, Marketing

About VitalSource

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VitalSource Technologies LLC has a 20-plus-year history of powering digital learning globally. Last year, over 15 million learners from 241 countries and territories used VitalSource®’s Bookshelf, Intrepid, and Acrobatiq platforms.

Learn more about how VitalSource serves education, corporate, and membership organizations.

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