State of High-Stakes Learning Survey Results Announced

Author: Intrepid by VitalSource
April 4, 2019
White Paper - State of High States Learning Survey 2019

Intrepid is proud to announce the results of our inaugural “State of High-Stakes Learning” learner survey. We asked over 1,000 U.S.-based employees their thoughts about: 

  • business-critical learning topics for their organizations in the coming two years
  • preferred modality for job-related learning
  • their organization’s learning culture
  • their professional development opportunities at work

 Please take a look and download it.

In short, the results are both exciting and distressing. The result that was to us, completely unsurprising is that the type of learning & development opportunity with the most value for learners is “learning with/from others” — collaborative learning, in other words.

(You can read our latest eBook, Team-Based Learning in the Digital Age, for more on how collaborative online learning mirrors how work gets done).

The most exciting news is that the vast majority of respondents see a direct link between their own professional development and solving the company’s most critical issues.

The most distressing news is how poorly most learning & development organizations are regarded. As Intrepid’s GM Sam Herring put it in our press release [LINK]:

“The pretty catastrophic news for L&D is that current learning cultures are widely missing the mark. As companies look to solve their most critical business challenges, they should heed what their learners have to say.”

In the months to come we’ll be digging into this “from the horse’s mouth” data, so keep an eye out for future blog posts on opportunities for collaborative learning, essentially simple steps you can take to improve your learning culture in the eyes of your employees and how to engage the disengaged through online learning opportunities, and more. 

Download the executive summary.


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