Intrepid Releases 2019 High-Stakes Learning Survey Results

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April 4, 2019
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 2019 “High-Stakes Learning” Report Announced by Intrepid by VitalSource

Frustrated Employees Are Clear: Learning Organizations Aren’t Effective, Especially When It Comes to Business-Critical Topics

SEATTLE (April 4, 2019) – Intrepid®, the market-leading collaborative learning platform provider, today released the results of its inaugural “State of High-Stakes Learning” survey. The findings make it clear that most companies are poorly serving their audience when it comes to learning and development and are particularly ill-equipped to meet learners’ demands for business-critical training topics. Respondents are also clear that collaborative learning is their preferred modality for training.

According to over 1,000 U.S.-based employees, the top three most critical business issues facing organizations in the next two years are leadership, technology training, and soft skills (such as communication). Although the overwhelming majority of respondents see a direct link between their own development and their business’ bottom line, most feel that their organizations’ learning culture is less-than-effective.

Key findings include:

  • Collaborative learning, defined as “learning with and from others,” is by a wide margin the most preferred method of learning.
  • Learners report the high stakes training issues facing organizations include leadership, technology training, and soft skills.
  • Nearly 75 percent of employees feel their organization’s current learning culture is less than effective, and free-form responses skewed negative on the effectiveness of current learning and development opportunities.
  • Learners see a positive link between their own development and organizational improvement, and have high hopes for improved learning cultures.

Sam Herring, Intrepid’s General Manager, shared, “Our research is a wake-up call for learning leaders: current approaches aren’t working. As companies look to solve their most critical business challenges, they should heed what their learners have to say.” Herring continues, “The good news is, the overwhelming majority of learners see a direct link between their own development and their organization’s improvement. To create real and immediate change, learning leaders should look to collaborative learning solutions that marry the priorities of their organizations and their learners, including engaging digital learning options.”

The executive summary of Intrepid’s “State of High-Stakes Learning” survey is available. To download your copy, as well as an infographic of the survey results, please visit

Media contact: Jeanne Achille, 732-706-0123, ext. 700.

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