Case Study: Telstra and Intrepid Partner to Transform L&D

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October 28, 2019


“We couldn’t have trained 1400 people globally with the time and budget we had, without the digital platform (Intrepid).” Damien Lorschy, Telstra 

Intrepid recently partnered with Telstra, the  largest Australian-based telecommunications company with over 30,000 employees in 23 countries to modernize and streamline their L&D organization. This blog will summarize how we helped them reinvent their L&D culture on our platform and highlight some of the key takeaways.

Last year, the Australian government mandated the transition of all fixed-broadband services to a nationalized network which presented a huge challenge in terms of economic and competitive challenges for Telstra. Their L&D team was forced to transform their learning culture in short order to better adapt. For years, the status quo in L&D had been a disparate system of undervalued and inconsistently used programs with limited impact on learner capabilities and business results.

Telstra partnered with Intrepid to create a comprehensive digital learning program that could enable rapid and efficient distribution of capability programs across the globe with sensible reporting to validate the efforts. The sales organization in particular needed to be more effective and move faster to compete in this newly competitive environment so they reinvented their training model. Telstra implemented a new sales training methodology—the “Telstra Way”— based on the famous sales enablement training company Miller Heiman Group to wrap all their knowledge and skill-building on a single platform for both new and existing salespeople.

This was part of their larger learning hub, the Telstra Enterprise Academy which they built on the Intrepid platform. The Academy served as an innovative learning hub for all Telstra Enterprise employees to access training, knowledge, and capability programs – built with comprehensive learning tracks and timeline expectations for the development of key capabilities, from induction and onboarding all the way up to advanced professional and technical skills.

Telstra’s six-person Capability and Growth team was able to launch the first program within 8 weeks of the initial “hackathon” design session with Intrepid. The architecture of Intrepid allowed Telstra to build targeted programs focused on unique personas, delivering a hyper-relevant learning solution for myriad teams.

The Telstra-integrated Miller Heiman programs brought their Strategic and Conceptual Selling certification program to 1400 enterprise sales employees worldwide. The rebranded layout delivered immediate access to all Strategic and Conceptual Selling modules, empowering sales to be more collaborative, agile and effective while quickly providing a common framework, toolset, language, and way of thinking that allowed them to boost customer service and overall productivity.

Below are some of the results to date. The program is ongoing and we will update these as more information comes to light:

  • Implemented Strategic and Conceptual Selling on platform – certifying 1400 enterprise sales while saving two days and over $2.8 million in payroll initially with additional programs in progress
  • Launched their first program with a six-person team within eight weeks of the initial design session
  • Within six months of launching on Intrepid, Telstra doubled the volume of enterprise original content on platform with a lean, agile in-house team

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