Sales Enablement

Wild Success at Microsoft and other companies with Sales Enablement Online


Client Testimonial

“We are thrilled at the impact this groundbreaking MOOC program for Microsoft sellers is having on our business. Intrepid and INSEAD’s partnership has been phenomenal and the results speak for themselves: consistently stellar 80% pass rates, high engagement, high voluntary enrollment, and demonstrated capability with won-deals directly attributable to the program. And, our sellers are rating the Intrepid-delivered courses even higher than in-person training events. We couldn’t be happier.”

— Ludovic Fourrage, Head Virtual Learning, Microsoft

From Transactional Selling to Consultative Selling

Is your sales team focused on solving customer challenges? Or are they just seeing everything as nails because their toolbox only has a hammer?

Nurturing leads with effective content and strategic advice results in 47% larger purchases overall (The Annuitas Group).  Help your sales people service clients more effectively as they have access to the right resources at the right time.

Do your organization's priorities include...

…enabling new sales team members to sell more quickly?

…rapidly getting your team ramped up and in the know about new product releases faster?

…keeping associates apprised of the latest sales processes?

…offering ongoing resources and create a continuous learning culture?

…turning average sales people into high-performing trusted advisors focused on client success?

…reducing the time your sales team is wasting looking for important sales and marketing materials?

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