Solve Your High-Stakes Business Challenges With a Digital Transformation

You need online learning programs that engage learners at scale and actually move the needle for your business.

The solution: Corporate training with Intrepid Learn's technology and our team's experience.

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Solve Your High-Stakes Business Challenges With Intrepid Learn

Business challenges are what drive great learning

Generic off-the-shelf learning only goes so far. You need company context and content specifically relevant to your organization's challenges in order to meet your business goals in time. Business disruption is moving too fast for digital learning to be anything other than ruthlessly relevant to the job and quick to launch.

We understand the modern learner

And we understand how meeting their digital learning needs can directly drive business impact. The modern learner expects:

  • Online learning to be relevant to their actual jobs and a seamless aspect of their workday
  • Social and collaborative features in the same learning platform as their educational material
  • Learning to be easily searchable, accessible at the moment of need, and available in small, easily digestible chunks
  • Corporate training to be mobile-first so it fits into their life and work—wherever that may be

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Online is not face-to-face training—and we mean that in a good way

The digital transformation of learning allows you to do things you can't do in the classroom or even VILT, such as:

  • Tap the "wisdom of the crowds" on a global scale, surface tacit institutional knowledge, and utilize internal SMEs at scale
  • Cascade initiatives and e-learning programs usually reserved for the C-suite to the entire company, thereby ensuring enterprise-wide alignment
  • Scale the impact of internal subject matter experts and evangelists

While still allowing you to do the things you are used to, such as:

  • Engage learners with an effective learning platform
  • Drive behavior change
  • Track completion and content consumption
  • Create opportunities for teamwork and collaboration
  • Use learning materials you already have on hand

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