How to Make an Online Learning Program Great: Respect Your Learners’ Rights!

Explore the tenets of the Declaration of Modern Learner Rights, and how applying them creatively to your learning programs can make them exponentially more effective.

eBook - Declaration of Modern Learner RightsAll About How to Keep Your Learning Programs Learner-Centric (and Therefore Business-Effective!)

Our Declaration of Modern Learner Rights has 10 tenets we feel are essential to keep in mind when designing a great online learning program that will both engage learners and result in behavior change and business impact.

But we had a lot more to say than just “keep the learner at the center of the universe” — download this eBook to read all about our ideas related to the Declaration. It’s full of tangible tips and techniques to empower you to design your own learner-centric programs in style.

Sections include:

  • The Case for Ruthless Relevance
  • Ruthless Relevance Puts Reg CC in Context
  • 5 Ways to Lower the Barriers Between Your Learners and Learning
  • What to Worry About When Moderating, and What Not to Worry About!
  • 3 Great Reasons to Use Discussion Forums
  • The AGES Model and More Cognitive Science
  • Ways to Ask Why and Why You Need To
  • Importance of Learning Engagement to Employee Engagement
  • People, People!
Download the eBookGet the eBook

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Download a copy of the eBook now!

Download a copy of the eBook now!