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Judy is on a mission to rid the world of boring training!



Blog Posts

The AGES Model and More Cognitive Science

Judy dives into the brain science behind adult learning, focusing on the AGES model.

Ruthless Relevance Puts Reg CC in Context

What's Reg CC you ask? Well so do a lot of newbies in banking! Judy shares how Capital City Bank made this usually confusing and tiresome regulation come alive for new hires.

Meeting the Five Moments of Need

Judy explains the concept of the Five Moments of Need and how collaborative online learning platforms can meet learners wherever they are.


The Blended Learning League: Combining Delivery Methods for a Rich Learner Experience

Each training delivery modality available for a “digitally blended” learning experience has its own strengths and weaknesses … or superpowers and krytptonites! Are you ready to be a digital blending superhero? Training Industry webinar.

Say It With Story: A Digital Blended Learning Success Story

In this Training Industry webinar, Judy and friends explan how EY developed their Storytelling, class and how delivery through an online, collaborative portal has produced great results.

The Three Traps of Blended Learning, and How to Avoid Them

Judy joins Intregrity Solutions' Mike Esterday to talk all about blended learning online, and how to avoid its pitfalls for corporate training.

Turning New Hire Training Into a Motivating Game

In this eLearning Guild webinar, Judy and Capital City Bank's Denise Wilson share how they turned a once burdensome onboarding program into one that engages and motivates new tellers. (Available for eLearning Guild members)

Teaching Soft Skills in a Virtual Environment: A Case Study

How EY did it...


The Cognitive Science Behind Learning That Resonates: The AGES Model

Brain science behind the most effective online learning available. (A 2020 Training Industry Readership Award winner).