Improve Your New Hires' First Learning Experience at Your Company

Your challenge: Getting new hires to proficiency faster, and making sure they're aligned with business strategy from the start.

Your solution: Intrepid Learn and our team's expertise.

Intrepid Onboarding

An online onboarding program allows you to efficiently:

  • Shorten the time to competency for new employees
  • Help new hires apply their learning in practice before they start official work assignments
  • Validate that your new hires have reached competency prior to assigning them to job responsibilities
  • Encourage the development of ongoing networks and communities across cohorts
  • Eliminate instructor travel time and cost without losing the influence of your best trainers
  • Get your new hires across various geographies started right away, avoiding the wait until the next face-to-face onboarding opportunity

Intrepid Learn onboarding success story

A large healthcare insurance company increased time to productivity by 15% for call center and claims center new hires—resulting in annuals savings of several million dollars.

Using the Intrepid platform has allowed the organization to create an easily administrable roster of hundreds of onboarding and role-specific courses, increasing instructor productivity and training availability regardless of geography.

Read the case study.

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