New features help designers create digital courses faster with Intrepid’s collaborative learning platform


SEATTLE—Intrepid, the market-leading collaborative learning platform provider, today announced details of the latest enhancements to its platform. The new Intrepid features focus on enhancing the process for designing and delivering collaborative learning experiences. Highlights include a new visual design interface that enables instructional designers to build in the flow with drag and drop ease. Other enhancements include accessibility-friendly color palettes and tools to simplify the design of course gamification.

“As someone who designs learning every day, it’s definitely going to be easier to add new content, assign points for gamification, and reorganize the structure of the course,” said Brooke Salisbury, Senior Instructional Designer, GP Strategies Corporation. “I really like the new Intrepid features! Intrepid is always listening for input on what the next new features should be, and they are a great partner. I’m particularly excited about the drag-and-drop site builder, but all of the changes in this release will be really useful and make it easier and faster to create MOOCs for my client.”

“We’ve been focusing this release on letting instructional designers do what they do best — create learning experiences,” said Colin Gause, Director, Product Management at Intrepid. “So we’ve simplified a lot of the website design elements that go into creating a collaborative cloud-based course, and streamlined administrative-side features to save learning experience designers time and effort while ensuring they still see great results.”

Sam Herring, Vice President and General Manager of Intrepid, added, “This release builds on the learner-centric nature of our platform by allowing learning designers to spend less time on administrative tasks, and more time innovating learning experiences and creating value for learners and the organizations they support.”

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