Fall Release Enables Seamless Blended Learning Experiences

Author: Intrepid by VitalSource
October 27, 2021

SEATTLE, WA (October 27, 2021) – Intrepid by VitalSource®, the market-leading collaborative learning platform for global enterprises, today announced a new feature which empowers frictionless live and self-paced learning events within the same platform, highly useful for today’s blended approaches.

The new Events feature allows the new hybrid world of both work and learning to coincide for learners in one convenient spot. Course administrators can schedule live meetings or webinars of any sort and house the links, information, and schedule reminders within the Intrepid platform, so that as learners progress through a learning journey over time, the synchronous (live in-person or live-virtual) components of it are readily available. Learners can view upcoming events, RSVP for them, add them to their calendar, complete any required pre-work, and earn course completion points for attending, all from one spot.

“We’re very excited to release the Events feature,” said Rachel Elfenbein, Director, Product Management at Intrepid, “Because engagement goes up the more learning options you can provide learners. And with this feature, live events are not buried in a separate email or notification, but highlighted within the learning journey itself. We are thrilled to help the learner manage their self-paced, group-work, as well as live events in a frictionless environment.”

Adds Norman Behar, Managing Director at SRG, “Sales Readiness Group continues to see success leveraging the Intrepid platform to create digital blend offerings for our clients.  Based on our experience, the combination of digital collaborative learning followed by VILT cohort sessions, what we call CLX or Collaborative Learning Experience, creates a great learning experience for the participants.”

Administrators can set up multiple instances of a meeting or live event for multiple time zones, and learners can download an invite directly to their work calendar as well as get reminders within the course. Administrators also have the ability to count attendance at the webinar or meeting as part of course completion, and can define “completion” in any way they choose – registration, attendance at the beginning, attendance through the end of the session, etc.

To learn more about Intrepid’s collaborative learning offering and the blended learning options the new feature enhances, please visit Intrepid’s resource library at www.intrepidlearning.com/resources or product page at www.intrepidlearning.com/features.

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