Tackle Critical Technology Adoption Challenges at Speed and Scale

Your challenge: Roll out a new technology to your company, and make sure everyone knows how to apply the learning on the job right away.

The solution: Technology rollout training with Intrepid Learn's platform and expertise.

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Tackle your critical technology adoption challenges at speed and scale

An online technology adoption program allows you to speedily and effectively:

  • Train the entire company on new software at once
  • Make sure everyone is kept up to date on changes in regulations and processes
  • Create online learning experiences—such as EHR training—that can be accessed throughout a busy workday without taking big chunks of time off the job
  • Trim ILT costs and increase the efficiency of your instructors' time
  • Reduce the complexity of new tech with effective technology rollout training
  • Provide reinforcement and performance support over time

Reduced Time Off the Job for Worldwide PLM Software Rollout

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