Digital Transformation at Its Best: Best Practices for Digital Blended Learning


Ready to learn how Project Bonfire from IN2 Innovation, an innovation design agency, transformed from an award-winning in-person training to a highly effective digital blended approach? Project Bonfire aims for a culture of innovation, and for teams to build their capacity for creativity, collaboration and impact. As practicing innovators, strategists, designers, and developers they needed to exceed their in-person experiences for their digital product, so they turned to blended digital learning with Intrepid.

IN2 Innovation found success by utilizing the best of all modalities, not just Teams and Zoom. With a successful digital blend training it’s not either/or, it’s either/and. So join Luke Jordan, Director of Strategy & Training from IN2 Innovation, and Ann Roesener, Partner Success Executive from Intrepid, for an interactive discussion focused on this real-world example of a high-stakes training program transformed using digital blending.

You will also learn:

  • How to build a world class user experience using multiple modalities – not just zoom or Teams
  • How to design a recipe for the best digital blend for your high-stakes formerly in-person/virtual in-person learning
  • The tools you need to deliver a world-class product worthy of your training firm’s reputation
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Luke Jordan

Director of Strategy & Training
IN2 Innovation

Ann Roesener

Partner Success Executive
Intrepid by VitalSource

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