Digital Blended Learning Best Practices


Blended learning is successful because it utilizes the best of all modalities. With a successful digital blend training it’s not either/or, it’s either/and. This approach combines synchronous, asynchronous, and collaborative experiences and reimagines the learning experience unfolding over time. You focus your high-profile sessions for real-time synchronous delivery. Deliver other high value content asynchronously. Wrap the entire experience in a digital cohort experience which maximizes collaboration. Listen to this interactive session as we share client experiences and best practices for building a successful digital blend.

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Tim Chudy - Director of Business Development at Intrepid

Tim Chudy

Director of Business Development
Intrepid by VitalSource
Jill Funck - HB Fuller

Jill Funck

Sr. Global Manager of L&D
H.B. Fuller

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