Intrepid Impact | Prepping for L&D Liftoff: How to Launch a Successful Pilot Program


Welcome to Intrepid IMPACT: Bite-size Demos of Learning Experience Design Strategies!

Ready to launch a powerful learning program but unsure how to finetune it for maximum impact? Join us for this bite-sized Intrepid Impact webinar where we dive into strategic pilot programs in L&D, and how they can be used as a tool to ensure alignment with evolving business and skill development needs.

Our seasoned Learning Experience Design team will unveil the secrets to preparation, execution, and optimization when it comes to:

  • Crafting a Pilot Program: Develop a targeted pilot to test your learning program’s effectiveness and gather valuable user feedback.
  • Focusing on Outcomes: Identify clear goals for your pilot and measure its success against those benchmarks.
  • Engaging the Right Audience: Select representative participants for your pilot to ensure realistic results.
  • Gathering Feedback that Matters: Learn effective techniques for collecting and analyzing valuable feedback from pilot participants.
  • Leveraging Insights for Improvement: Utilize pilot data to refine your learning program for a successful full launch.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how a well-designed pilot program can save you time, resources, and ensure your learning program delivers the results you need.

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Nishali Nanayakkara - Learning Experience Design Consultant at Intrepid

Nishali Nanayakkara

Learning Experience Design Consultant
Intrepid by VitalSource
JR Burch Headshot

JR Burch

Director of Learning Experience Design
Intrepid by VitalSource

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Access the On Demand Webinar Now!

Access the On Demand Webinar Now!