Intrepid Impact | SKO 2.0: How to Rev Up Sales Team Alignment and Upskilling


Welcome to Intrepid IMPACT: Bite-size Demos of Learning Experience Design Strategies!

Struggling to get your sales teams aligned on market messaging, training, and overall effectiveness? You’re not alone. In this bite-size, 30-minute webinar, we explore how GP Strategies successfully tackled this challenge by creating a unique cohort learning experience that amplified the Sales Kickoff (SKO) experience while upskilling global sales teams.

In this Intrepid IMPACT session, you’ll learn:

  • How they achieved the seemingly impossible: Build an in-demand, 4-week sales training program with live sessions, skill development, and collaborative learning in just 30 days!
  • The power of a cohort learning platform: Discover how the platform’s agility allowed them to adapt and iterate on content, fostering a dynamic, spaced-out learning experience.
  • Going beyond the traditional SKO: Explore how they integrated essential upskilling elements like market positioning, the art of storytelling, and consultative selling.
  • Engagement that drives results: See how interactive elements, live sessions, and gamification led to positive feedback, high participation, a shift in mindset, insights for leadership, and a hungry audience wanting more.
  • Lessons learned, insights gained: Learn from their experience and gain valuable tips on what to do (and what not to do) when planning your next sales training program.

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Kimberly Kemp - VP of Sales at GP Strategies

Kimberly Kemp

Vice President of Sales
GP Strategies
Dawn Stapert - Principal Innovation Learning Consultant - GP Strategies

Dawn Stapert

Principal Learning Innovation Consultant
GP Strategies
Julie Sherman - Senior Account Manager - Intrepid by VitalSource

Julie Sherman

Senior Account Manager
Intrepid by VitalSource

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Access the On Demand Webinar Now!

Access the On Demand Webinar Now!