No I in Team: Corporate Learning’s Digital Future


Modern productivity tools and work practices increasingly focus on cohorts and collaboration. Counter to that trend, we see much of the focus of innovation in learning technology focus exclusively on the individual. Why should corporate learning have to deal with such a disconnect?

In this session, Chris Pirie (former general manager, Microsoft Global Sales Readiness and Learning, and CEO of The Learning Futures Group) and David Wentworth (principal learning analyst for Brandon Hall Group) share insights into the team-driven nature of work today and the possibilities for utilizing digital learning to enhance, replicate, and reinforce collaborative learning.

Key takeaways include:

  • Critical challenges facing todays L&D leaders
  • Digital ways to enable human peer-to-peer learning and interaction
  • Real-world case examples of cohort-based departments utilizing collaborative semi-synchronous online learning
  • The power of collaborative learning
  • Balancing scale and speed with quality
  • Demo of a highly successful change transformation online program


chris pirie

Chris Pirie

CEO of The Learning Futures Group,
Former General Manager, Microsoft Global Sales Readiness and Learning

David Wentworth

Principal Learning Analyst
Brandon Hall Group

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