Collaborative Online Learning: A Definitive Look

The definitive look at collaborative online learning for corporations.

white paper - why should you care about collaborative learningJust why is collaborative online learning so powerful and so important? And how can it be implemented, at speed? Download this white paper to learn all about what both learners and CLOs think is the most important modality for business-critical training topics.

Sections include:

  • So Why Should You Care About Collaborative Learning?
  • At Its Core, Collaborative Learning Is…
  • Learner Moments of Need and Bloom’s Taxonomy
  • But What About Content Aggregator Platforms and LMSs? They Have Collaborative Features Don’t They?
  • Benefits of Collaborative Online Learning (The Business’s POV)
  • Benefits of Collaborative Online Learning (The Learner’s POV)
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Download a copy of the white paper now!

Download a copy of the white paper now!