Future of Learning is Digital

Download this white paper to explore what the future of learning may look like for business-critical training topics.

white paper - the future of learning is digitalIn the not-too-distant past, the term “blended learning” meant that there were some eLearning courses available to take between in-person, instructor-led training sessions. Back then, the only technology line-item in the L&D budget was the LMS. Simpler times, perhaps, but this environment was not turning out any really impactful learning that met the needs of the learner and fit into their workflow.

In recent years, there have been a great deal of advancements in learning technology, opening up a world of digital alternatives. And while most companies embraced this digital transformation, few knew what it actually meant and how to pull it all together. As companies struggled to get the ball rolling with new digital modalities, 2020 brought with it a pandemic that pushed the ball off a cliff.

Download this white paper to learn what Brandon Hall and Intrepid think the future may look like for business-critical training topics.

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Download a copy of the white paper now!

Download a copy of the white paper now!